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Whether submitted electronically, flipped from a PO or entered manually, Chrome River INVOICE offers a fast, streamlined and configurable interface to accept all invoices and check requests across your organization, as well as reduce paper handling. With Chrome River CAPTURE, we can also make life easier for accounts payable departments by receiving and handling all of your paper and emailed invoices. Automated invoice processing lets business flow.

Track and manage non-payroll expense spend

Integrated within the same platform as Chrome River EXPENSE, all of your non-payroll expense spend can be effectively tracked and managed through Chrome River INVOICE. The platform’s highly configurable business rules engine provides robust capabilities to monitor and enforce spend policy compliance and deliver the most sophisticated accounts payable workflow routing.

Real-time organizational communication

While your process needs structure, invoice processing and check request handling must be collaborative to achieve effectiveness. Ad hoc notes and additional routings to support real-time organizational communication are built into Chrome River’s framework for every unique business requirement.

Global capabilities

Do you receive invoices in multiple currencies? Do your users speak multiple languages, view data in different date and currency formats? Do you deal with international taxes (VAT, GST, PST, HST and FBT)? Chrome River INVOICE meets the needs of users worldwide and provides financial control and compliance for your organization.

Visibility for improved management

Approvers need visibility into the expenses being charged to the cost centers they are responsible for. With Chrome River INVOICE, approvers are able to become a proactive part of the automated invoice processing and provide invoice approval through a browser or email. Chrome River’s configurable dynamic fields assure that both approvers and finance personnel receive all of the required data needed for improved management. This is so much more efficient than paper-based manual processes.

Eliminate labor-intensive invoice handling

Chrome River CAPTURE removes the entire front-end process of invoice handling. CAPTURE receives all of your organization's invoices and electronically delivers them to you within one business day. CAPTURE takes care of all your labor intensive invoice handling—preparation, scanning, data extraction and a double quality control process. This takes place at a secure CAPTURE processing center, leaving your mailroom and AP staff free for other tasks. Once processed, invoices are delivered securely to your Chrome River INVOICE service.

Pre-purchase authorization through purchase orders

Chrome River PURCHASE ORDER delivers greater control over expenses with full pre-purchase authorization. Purchase Orders can be created in Chrome River and electronically routed for approval through flexible workflows. Once approved, POs are part of the Chrome River INVOICE matching process. Unmatched invoices can be automatically routed for exception processing and matched invoices can be exported to your financial system. Chrome River ANALYTICS can then deliver an even deeper level of spend analysis.

Drive down costs

Chrome River INVOICE has a laser focus on driving costs out of this critical business process. INVOICE eases or eliminates data entry, controls expense spend, conforms to your business process for your users and improves spend visibility. This is modern invoice management.


  • Easy, browser-based entry
  • Automated routing
  • Configurable screens, policies and routing
  • New vendor requests
  • Duplicate invoice checking
  • Check request handling
  • Split allocation coding
  • Hold Payment and Parked Invoice capabilities
  • Integration with leading financial systems
  • Shared platform with Chrome River EXPENSE
By the way, I am a big bill payer for the IT Department and I just want you to know that I *love* Chrome River for bill paying. Administrative Assistant Law Firm, 530 Lawyers
I started using the new [Chrome River] invoice processing system the same day I took the training. I "love it"! It makes life so much simpler and the processing time is amazing! We were told during training that the ‘descriptions’ were not necessary and that information would be inserted on the accounting side. I would suggest as much information be placed in the ‘description’ field on our end as possible, since we have firsthand knowledge of the expense as it would eliminate a delay in processing trying to figure out how to code the invoice request. Again, I am very happy with the system and the turnaround time alone is so amazing!! Resource Team Lead 1,000 Employees

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