Too often, AP teams drown in admin tasks that keep them from strategically managing invoices. Emburse Chrome River's Invoice automation helps your organization take its first steps towards optimizing spend by expanding your program's visibility and accuracy so you can predict cash flow.

Global visibility of your entire invoice lifecycle
Automation lifts the restricted view of a manual process, allowing your team to know the status of any invoice at any time.

Have confidence in your data
Automated data entry saves you time and money typically spent chasing down errors, missing or surprise invoices, and missed deadlines.

Features that make life easier for everyone

Effortless accounts payable workflow configurability
Chrome River is endlessly configurable to meet your changing requirements, whether it's adjusting your accounts payable workflows or ensuring business rules agility.

Always-ready reporting app
Built with responsive design technology, your users can access the same intuitive and powerful experience across all devices regardless of size or shape.

Capture invoice details with a snap
Embedded OCR technology reads and extracts relevant information from vendor invoice images then validates the data.

Streamlined, automated approval workflows
Make reporting simple through conditional approval routing, automated approval routing, credit card processing, and Snap & Send receipt submissions.

Chrome River Invoice Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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