A lack of proper compliance controls within your AP process can be disastrous. Your potential for fraudulent and out-of-policy spend increases. You also raise the potential for costly audits and pay penalties. Emburse Chrome River Invoice enforces for you--regardless of your process's complexity--and significantly decreases the instances of costly, unnecessary spend.

Newfound clarity for your AP program
A centralized database for all your invoices cuts any guesswork from their statuses

Increase efficiency and maximize agility
Bulk load invoice data directly into the system, regardless of how you receive them

Evolve your procurement process
Chrome River's fully integrated purchase order add-on simplifies requisition creation, routing and approval, as well as conversions

Eliminate paper checks
Keep your suppliers and the organization's bottom line happy with cost-effective payment options like virtual cards or ACH payments

Features that make life easier for everyone

Capture invoice details in a snap
Embedded OCR technology reads and extracts relevant information from vendor invoice images then validates the data.

Two and three-way matching
Instantly compare purchase orders and goods receipts against invoices to ensure you pay vendors for exactly what was approved, ordered, and received.

Chrome River Invoice Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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