Chrome River’s customer success team ensures organizations are achieving the full potential of their Chrome River solutions.

There’s one thing we know for sure – nothing remains the same. To that end, Chrome River has a customer success team that is dedicated to building relationships with our customers and understanding their technology goals surrounding expense and invoice management. This type of interaction helps to ensure that customers are getting the most out of their Chrome River investment as their organizations evolve.

We want to stay connected with our customers to ensure they are achieving the full potential from our solutions, not only when they implement Chrome River, but also as their requirements and needs change as their organizations grow. Of course, our support team is ready to help you on a day-to-day basis with quick answers and tips. And you can also attend Chrome River University for the latest new product guides, video tutorials and educational resources. Our customer success team builds a relationship with your organization to understand its needs as they change.

The customer success team reaches out periodically to help customers review:

  • New functionality and offerings
  • Plans to roll out the software to international offices
  • Subscription needs as the organization grows
I have never worked with a vendor that cares as much about what clients really want! Project Manager 1,000+ Professionals
I looked up the definition of responsive and saw the Chrome River logo! Project Manager 1,000+ Professionals
Chrome River may be an American company, but they absolutely know about international finance. Financial Controller 800 Professionals

Our customer success team continues to help you receive all the benefits from our software so we’re never out of step. At Chrome River, we care and our customers come first.

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