Global organizations need to attract and retain top talent to keep growing. Today’s workforce expects the organizations they work for to provide them with the latest technologies for their jobs. They use attractive, straightforward mobile apps in their personal lives, and they want the same experience at work. Chrome River delivers by providing simple, lightning-fast, mobile solutions that are built on the latest technologies. The Chrome River suite manages all of an organization’s accounts payable operations from invoice processing to check request and payment to expense reports and expense reimbursement. This is modern AP automation.

Welcome to The River

Chrome River's AP automation software delivers benefits to your entire organization, from employees to business travelers to AP managers to the office of the CFO. Employees and business travelers want the software to work where they are, on the device they’re on – or it simply doesn’t work for them. AP managers want modern, cool software, too. Their employees look at paper receipts like they’re something they’ve never seen before. And CFOs want a global expense reporting solution that works for their global organization – and one that adapts as their business evolves and changes.

Chrome River provides a common set of dashboards, entry screens, account selections, compliance policies, routing rules and approvals to deliver seamless efficiencies for an organization’s operations and a delightful experience for employees and accounts payable professionals. There are no up-front hardware or software costs, and upgrades to the solution are smooth and timely. With immediate improvement to your operations, you’ll see an instant return on investment.

From manual to automated AP workflows

Manual processes for expense reporting and invoice processing are expensive, error-prone and highly inefficient. Chrome River provides a single common platform for the entire accounts payable workflow process, and direct integration with leading ERP and financial systems, travel booking tools and credit card feeds.

Chrome River EXPENSE

Streamline your expense report entry, approval, and reimbursement with Chrome River EXPENSE. Employees will love how easy the software is to use – on any and every device. Accounting and finance staff love that all business rules, best practices, and GL mapping is built in. Travel managers love that trip pre-approvals coach the business traveler on expense policy compliance. CFOs love the visibility into spending trends and can work with real-time data to control costs. How does your current expense management system compare? This is expense management software that every person in your company will love.

Chrome River INVOICE

Chrome River INVOICE automates purchase order matching to received invoices and then routes the invoice for proper approval and payment. It delivers a paperless invoice workflow – no scrambling, no data entry – just a smooth process for organizing invoices and payments. Remote offices become transparent, no double payments, no late payments, and AP staff can concentrate on more strategic projects. Is it time to modernize your invoice management system? This is invoice management software that every Finance Team member will love.

Chrome River ANALYTICS

Chrome River provides easy access to real-time spend analytics and electronic image viewing to allow for better cost management and improved negotiations on vendor spend. Expense spend analytics, key operational metrics, and in-depth reports are now available at your fingertips. Business intelligence and AP analytics are just a click away.

Chrome River AUDIT

Organizations can build in intelligent auditing with Chrome River. This includes random sampling, targeted sampling, and automatic audit triggers that route the expense report for additional review. All this is documented with threaded discussions and completed with an adjustment report for any corrections. Accounts payable audit systems are one step closer to policy compliance.

Control spend and increase accuracy

Control costs with Chrome River’s business rules engine, which builds in all of an organization’s spend policy and approval routing rules and enforces them in real-time. We can also build in any billable client policy requirements to simplify the expense reporting process and accelerate reimbursements from clients. Built-in rules that enforce business policies, plus the simplistic design of our software reduces user errors and eliminates inefficiencies associated with corrections.

Chrome River's AP automation lets business flow.

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