With multiple projects being managed simultaneously, construction and engineering firms need expense and invoice management solutions that can handle proper cost allocations and fluid approval workflows as staff move between projects.

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One thing is true about engineers and construction professionals – they would rather be at the jobsite getting a new skyscraper out of the ground than being trapped in a cubicle sorting out their receipts and invoices. Luckily, with Chrome River’s mobile platform, expense reports, invoices, and approval routing is as close at hand as their phone and tablet.

Mobile Solutions for the Jobsite

Materials are received at the jobsite. Inspections are done at the jobsite. And the desktop in the trailer never has good connectivity. So engineers and contractors often rely on their own mobile devices to keep up with business. Fortunately, Chrome River subscribes to this BYOD policy with a web app that looks and performs the same on any sized screen. This means that the functionality on a phone is absolutely the same functionality available on a desktop, no matter the operating system or browser.

And because the user interface is so intuitive and easy to use, training for new hires and joint venture projects is a breeze. So no matter which projects they’re assigned to, they’ll see exactly the fields and permissions they need to get the job done.

And system administrators love that their new configurations, permissions, and project code mappings are immediately available across all devices and platforms with absolutely no latest app version to download or reinstall or reboot.

Billable and Non-Billable Expenses on the Same Report

We know the reality of your industry. Your top people will manage multiple projects. You might relocate a small team to run a critical project. You might even send members of a JV overseas to work on a high profile project. Or your best business development people might travel to two or three different prospects every week. Having flexible expense reporting software that can easily allocate charges to multiple projects is a requirement.

Chrome River expense reports can include charges whether it’s all for one client, different expenses for different projects, or even a single expense line item split amongst multiple projects (think airfare to visit two jobsites in the same city). And we make multiple allocations intuitive for the end user by handling everything behind the scenes with completely configurable business rules.

What Else Can Business Rules Do?

Each of your projects have strict expense and invoice policies, often dictated by the owner, to keep costs in line. Each project’s policies can be organized in Chrome River’s business rules engine, so all invoices and expense reports are scrutinized and routed according pre-defined rules. Did you just breathe a sigh of relief?

Projects around the Globe Need Capable Hands

When your firm wins business around the world, the last thing you should worry about is your expense management solution's global capabilities. Chrome River EXPENSE is available in 25 languages and is used by customers in 100 countries around the world. We currently support 183 global currencies and handle more than 40 international tax jurisdiction requirements. So no matter where your next project takes you, your expense reports will still be a breeze to file and approve.

And just like your firm, we strive for safety and security – hence our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (commonly known as ISO 27001) information security standard rating. This achievement highlights our commitment to follow international information security best practices.

Integrations for the Entire Team

We know, we know. You already have project management software, finance systems, perhaps even an ERP system that included a “free” expense program. But finance teams love that Chrome River integrates with their key providers like corporate card programs and financial software like CMiC and ViewPoint. These data integrations mean that Chrome River’s reporting and analytics is more robust to drive key insights. Now expense management reigns in all spending outside of payroll and provides big-data-style analysis.

And we can also incorporate your expense policy guidelines and/or each project guidelines into Chrome River. This way your users are always prompted and reminded of these spending rules, preferred vendors, negotiated terms, while they’re working in the system. This means compliance rates go up and costs come down.

Build It and They Will Come

The trades, GCs, and engineering teams love Chrome River for expense and invoice management because it’s one less thing to worry about – just a few taps and complex accounting functions are taken care of. After all, whether you wear a hard hat or a suit, Chrome River lets business flow. And be sure to read through our customer testimonials page to learn why 1 million users love Chrome River.

It’s the attention to detail in the implementation process which we anticipated would be the case, and it is the reason we chose Chrome River over competitors. I felt we could count on you guys to deliver in the implementation process. And you did. Oelrich Construction

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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