Manufacturers have three major types of expenses: purchasing raw materials for their supply chain and the costs incurred to market and sell their finished goods around the world. They need an expense and invoice management solution that can handle all parts of the equation.

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Manufacturers travel the globe searching for new suppliers and new customers – and need a mobile expense and invoice management solution to support their ever-evolving businesses. They need an AP automation platform as agile as their business. 

Configurability Is Key

With multiple business units around the world, manufacturers need a platform that can change as they grow – launching new product lines, bringing new plants on-line, and acquiring new companies. What they don’t need is a rigid system that locks them into a single process for the next five years. Chrome River’s business rules engine is designed to accommodate these workflows and approval routing today – and change tomorrow to work with a new acquisition, a new venture, or a restructured accounts payable process. It doesn’t take a PhD in business transformation to make the changes – any business analyst should have the new workflow written in a couple hours.

Bring Your Own Device and Let’s Get to Work

Whether an organization uses Macs or desktops, tablets or smartphones, one thing is for certain: it needs the same expense and invoice functionality on every device – you want all the features, functionality, and mobility Chrome River offers. Chrome River’s MERCURY interface means that the user experience is the same no matter the device. It’s got to be easy, fast and intuitive – because who has time for training?

Another highly rated feature is the security our web app affords. What’s the difference between a web app and a native app? A web app means never having to wait for an update; a web app means always having the latest functionality; a web app means being just one tap away from completing that expense report or approving that purchase order. And better still, sensitive data is never stored locally on a user’s device, a vital strategy for data security.

A Global Marketplace Requires a Global Solution

Any organization with suppliers or customers around the world understands how essential global capabilities are for expense and invoice automation software. Chrome River’s software is presented in the language of the end user, as is the currency. Chrome River offers the support that global teams need for VAT and international tax policies, out of the box. Employees never have to be encumbered by crossing borders or submitting expenses in different currencies. We handle all taxes and currency conversions behind the scenes.

Integrations Mean Fewer Clicks and Fewer Mistakes

How easy would it be to drag and drop charges from your corporate p-card onto an expense report or to tap an Uber trip into an expense claim? What about multi-leg business trips managed in Sabre, where the segments are always changing due to fluid travel plans? 

The finance team gets a break, too. Chrome River offers seamless integrations with ERP and financial systems of record – so there’s no manual data entry. Corporate card programs are integrated, as are online booking tools, travel management companies, and travel technologies. We never lock our customers down to a fixed list of approved vendors, and we never limit growth or changing processes by forcing customers to adapt to our system. Our system instead adapts to our customers and their needs. 

Manufacturers Love Chrome River

There are more than 1 million happy Chrome River customers around the world who actually love submitting expense reports and processing invoices. We want to earn your business and make life easier for your organization. Be sure to visit our testimonials page, too, for more quotes from happy customers. And please read more about our product suite. After all, Chrome River lets business flow.

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