• Control rising costs of administrative tasks
  • Improve the accuracy of financial data through validation
  • Shift AP staff focus from administrative tasks to strategic tasks
  • Accelerate processes which have been slowed due to manual data validation
Manual and repetitive administrative tasks result in inefficient processes and increased costs. The Chrome River Autobot completely removes theses tasks by automatically routing, approving, returning, or assigning expense reports once submitted by an expense owner.  With an intuitive implementation, you can easily enhance these processes and begin increasing your team’s efficiency and reducing costs immediately.

Welcome to The River.

Chrome River now offers innovative technology within the Chrome River EXPENSE Routing function: the Chrome River Autobot. We recognized an opportunity to utilize technology to automate manual verification and approval steps. Leveraging our robust business rules engine, the Chrome River Autobot completely streamlines your expense reporting process by empowering your AP Team to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of manual and repetitive tasks.

The Chrome River Autobot is completely configurable. Whether you need to verify or encumber budget, verify billable hours, or approve expense reports, the Chrome River Autobot can do it all automatically.  By querying systems outside of Chrome River in real-time utilizing secure web services, the Autobot can quickly approve or return an expense report based on whether or not required criteria, such as billing hours to a client, have been met.

Cut Costs

Eliminate the need for a your administrator to manually review expense report compliance with time entry policies.

Improve Financial Data Accuracy

As an automated solution, the Chrome River Autobot ensures data accuracy between and within expense and finance systems.

Increase AP Efficiency

Improve your expense management cycle times by reducing the time for expense reports to be approved.

Improve Expense Legitimacy

With the Chrome River Autobot, you can ensure that only legitimate and verified expenses are submitted.

Enhance Your Policies

Easily implement, adjust, and enhance policy rules based on third-party data without impacting Chrome River EXPENSE.

Chrome River is making my life easier...it's making ALL of the employees' lives easier. Financial Information Systems Manager 5000 Employees

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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