Expanding product lines, acquiring new divisions, branching into different markets – these are just a few activities that contribute to the changing business conditions in today’s marketplace. Not only are you expected to constantly adapt to the steady stream of changes, but your accounts payable approval processes and workflows may need to change, too.

Not having an expense management system that’s as agile and flexible as your organization could be a problem. Your solution should adapt to serve your needs, not the other way around.

Chrome River is designed to evolve with you and is endlessly configurable to meet your changing requirements, whether it’s adjusting your accounts payable workflows or ensuring business rules agility. It doesn’t take a developer to make the adjustments – just your business analyst. 

And you’re free to make as many changes as you need as your business grows, evolves or otherwise changes – without any hidden fees. Business rules configurability and agile accounts payable are a key part of Chrome River’s DNA.

More Flexibility Means a Smarter, Faster Process

Chrome River doesn’t force customers to use one-size-fits all when it comes to accounts payable workflows and business rules configurability because we know you have different users accessing your expense and invoice management systems for different reasons. 

Business travelers are creating expense reports. Your procurement department is buying new supplies. Your managers are approving invoices and expense reports. Different users shouldn’t have to slog through different areas within the system to get to what they need.

A smart system like Chrome River lets each user see only the functionality needed for his or her exact task, with dynamic fields built specifically for each department and role. With no clutter on the screen, the workflow is simple to follow and faster to execute. With fewer choices, there are fewer mistakes. 

Our business rules engine is endlessly configurable no matter how many offices, departments, divisions, or employees you have.

Chrome River is the Most Innovative Enterprise Expense Management Solution for Your Ever-Evolving Business

No matter how frequently your business rules or accounts payable workflows may change, one aspect remains constant with Chrome River: leading companies love us. 

  • Business travelers love the easy-to-understand interface and fabulous features like hotel folio integration, Uber integration, global capabilities, and Snap & Send receipts.
  • Travel managers love the real-time visibility and reports on key spending trends and a system that prompts users to stay in compliance with travel and expense policy.
  • HR managers love giving their employees the latest technology that works wherever and whenever they do, with the same intuitive interface on desktop and mobile devices.
  • AP departments love our flexibility, with business rules configurability and agile accounts payable options.  
  • Finance teams love the integrations with ERP systems and financial software, as well as integrations with OBTs, TMCs, and corporate card programs.
  • CFOs love the on-demand spend analytics. 

To stay ahead of the crowd during changing market conditions, agile businesses are able to transform on a dime. Chrome River moves just as rapidly to meet your new business conditions. Our business rules engine is designed to accommodate your workflows and approval routing today – and change tomorrow to work with a new acquisition, a new venture, or a restructured accounts payable process.

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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