Do you use WebEx for presentations? WebEx is a SaaS solution (and Cisco spent over $3 billion to acquire them). Do you use Postini for email security? It’s a SaaS application. SAP’s latest offering, Business ByDesign is a SaaS offering. EMC, the storage provider, announced online backup and storage solutions., Workday, and NetSuite are all SaaS companies. Goldman Sachs reports that SaaS moved from 37th to 18th in its IT Spending Survey in just five short months. Gartner projects that the SaaS market will grow at a rate 2.5 times faster than overall IT spending. It is clear that Software as a Service has momentum. Here’s why.

No Hardware

Not only do you avoid the investment, but you get a level of hardware sophistication and redundancy that you are unlikely to buy for yourself. If you bought your own airplane it wouldn't be a 787, but it sure is nice to fly on the best.

No Software

No complex license agreements. No investment. All upgrades are included in the price at no additional charge.

No Obligation

Nothing keeps a vendor on their toes like knowing that you are not locked-in. Our contracts are cancellable - no long-term commitments.

No Administration

No need for your internal staff to become experts on yet another application.  Let us run the application, tune the database, manage the security, worry about performance, handle the upgrades, keep the data backed up, worry about load balancing and deal with systems integration.  There are no additional fees to have your expense and invoice management system running in top shape and delivering service anytime, anywhere.

No Desktop Integration

Just a browser. No need to test for application conflicts. Just point to our web address and you're in business.

No Complex Implementation

Don't worry about another time-consuming, high-risk, over-budget implementation. SaaS is all about simplicity; Chrome River embraces that philosophy and requires minimal training for users to immediately begin seeing benefits.

Leverage Our Secure Infrastructure

With state-of-the-art physical security and systems redundancy, the world-class hosting facilities used by Chrome River provide an exceptionally robust, reliable systems environment that we are confident will meet and even exceed your own requirements and capabilities.  In addition, our data center is continuously monitored (24 x 7 x 365) by both automated tools and trained operations personnel.

Leverage Our Experience

Chrome River's online expense reporting and invoice management service was built by a team of people with many years of experience in your industry; we understand your environment and the systems you support. We integrate simply with your core applications: either through web services or FTP file transfers to our secure site. We manage the application; we host it; we support it. Images of receipts are sent to us by email. Credit card integration is done directly with the credit card provider. Chrome River is a core application that will touch almost every person in your organization, but it will not consume significant IT resources during its implementation or once it is in full use.


  • No hardware
  • No software
  • No long-term commitment
  • Low investment
  • Low effort
  • Low risk
Our secretaries are jumping for joy over how much they love the new Chrome River system. Accounts Payable Manager 2000 Employees

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