Primed for a new level of success

  • Partner with a provider that grows with your business needs
  • Know which T&E spend drives revenue
  • Base spend decisions on accessible, accurate data
  • Automatically enforce and improve compliance
  • Navigate tricky international considerations, like calculating and recovering VAT
  • Improve budgeting and forecasting

Emburse Chrome River is more customizable, more cost-effective, and easier to use than Concur, which is why we’re happy we switched.

Dawn Conway Senior Business Analyst

Expense automation you can count on

Even with a robust process in place, your organization could have blind spots and inconsistencies due to legacy systems. Updating your system to Emburse Chrome River's Expense solution transforms those challenges into awareness and actionable insights.

Beyond the tactical improvements, Expense simplifies the process for everyone at every stage of your workflow. You'll introduce a sense of calm to a disjointed business operation and pave the way for positive change.

Reduce operational costs

Your time, money, and energy add up quickly when working across multiple systems to manage expenses. The inefficiencies born from outdated automated processes take their toll on productivity throughout the organization which result in high operational costs.

For some organizations, the average cost to manually process a single expense report exceeds $35 (USD). Chrome River's expense  management software introduces innovative automation to every step of your approval workflow to dramatically cut those costs, regardless of its complexity.

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Get ahead of fraudulent and out-of-policy spend

A survey from ACFE estimates organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year. The days of wading through knee-deep paper receipts and explaining expense policy are over.

Expense's embedded business rules engine automates compliance and expense reporting with incredible ease. Its configurability ensures that even the most complex approval workflows can be mirrored to meet today's needs and tomorrow's growth.

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Strategically optimize spend

Without a full picture of your organization's financial health, making decisions for its future could be costly. Enterpises need to know where savings opportunities are hiding. The Chrome River expense reporting app from Emburse encourages a culture of thoughtful spending that nurtures the bottom line. Select the best expense solution to digitally transform your strategy. Chrome River Expense provides the tools and oversight to optimize spend which make success a strategic goal, not a shot in the dark. Chrome River. Let business flow.

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Isn't it time to make the switch?

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