Missed deadlines and undiscovered errors are common challenges AP teams face when manually processing their invoices. You spend so much time in a task-focused mindset while losing crucial visibility of the big picture. Emburse Chrome River's Invoice solution automates the entire process, which puts you ahead of the headaches before they happen.

Increased visibility
Finally see your AP program from above water with insight into which invoices are in motion and their exact status.

Avoid overpayment
Increased visibility from automation awards you the foresight to detect potential duplicates or risk late payments.

Keep (and improve) your current process
Chrome River's unique platform allows you to bring what you love about your current process to limit disruption while maximizing its potential.

Features that make life easier for everyone

Built-in business rules engine
Configure Invoice with all of your existing business rules and your approval routing processes to enforce more efficiently.

Capture invoice details in a snap
Embedded OCR technology reads and extracts relevant information from vendor invoice images then validates the data.

Two and three-way matching
Instantly compare purchase orders and goods receipts against invoices to ensure you pay vendors for exactly what was approved, ordered, and received.

Chrome River Invoice Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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