Your invoice management process has many savings opportunities hiding in plain sight. But is your current workflow keeping you from identifying them? By introducing automation, Emburse Chrome River Invoice cuts wasteful time and costs to uncover new savings potential.

No more manual entry
Invoice details can be scanned, tracked, and approved from virtually anywhere. Accuracy improves immediately, and your team isn't wasting time chasing missing information. 

Strengthen vendor relationships
End late fees and time spent discussing payment timeframes with vendors. They'll stay informed of invoice statuses while your organization gains visibility to where its money goes. 

Discover hidden savings
As vendor relationships improve, opportunities for rebates and rewards savings present themselves.

Features that make life easier for everyone

Intuitive mobile and desktop environments
Unlike other applications with multiple native apps, our web application provides the same user experience and is accessible on any device.

Effortless accounts payable workflow configurability
Chrome River is endlessly configurable to meet your changing requirements, whether it's adjusting your accounts payable workflows or ensuring business rules agility.

Always-ready expense report app
Built with responsive design technology, your users can access the same intuitive and powerful experience across all devices regardless of size or shape.

Capture invoice details with a snap
Embedded OCR technology reads and extracts relevant information from vendor invoice images then validates the data.

Integrates with purchase order
Create purchase requisitions, route for approval, and convert them into purchase orders ready for suppliers.

Two and three-way matching
Instantly compare purchase orders and goods receipts against invoices to ensure you pay vendors for exactly what was approved, ordered, and received.

Chrome River Invoice Management

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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