Deceptively simple effectiveness

Step One is to ensure data accuracy and ease of entry. Whether submitted electronically, flipped from a PO or entered manually, Chrome River INVOICE offers a streamlined and configurable interface to quickly accept all invoices and check requests across the organization and reduce paper handling.  And now, with the optional Chrome River CAPTURE service, we can even receive and handle all of your paper and emailed invoices for you.

Look Ma!  No Hands!

With Chrome River CAPTURE, we receive all of your organization's invoices and deliver them to you electronically within one business day of receipt. CAPTURE takes care of all your labor intensive invoice handling—prep, scanning, data extraction and a double quality control process—at the secure CAPTURE processing center leaving your mailroom and AP staff completely handsfree for other tasks.  Once processed, invoices are delivered securely and directly to your Chrome River INVOICE service.  CAPTURE removes this entire front-end process from you and delivers accurate invoice data and images directly to the appropriate approvers in an efficient manner that saves time, money and man-hours that can be redeployed elsewhere.  Ready to go hands-free paperless?

Purchase Orders - Ask permission, not forgiveness!

Is your finance dream that employees don't spend a single cent without permission first? We can do that! Chrome River PURCHASE ORDER gives you even greater control over expenses with full pre-purchase authorization. Your Purchase Orders can now be created within Chrome River and electronically routed for approval via flexible workflow, and once approved, are part of the Chrome River INVOICE matching process.  Unmatched invoices can be automatically routed for exception processing and matched invoices can be exported to your financial system. As an added bonus, you can apply the same Chrome River ANALYTICS you've come to love to purchase orders too, offering an even deeper level of spend analysis. 

Get the BIG picture

Integrated within the same platform as Chrome River EXPENSE, all of your non-payroll expense spend can now be effectively tracked and managed together with Chrome River INVOICE.  The platform’s highly configurable Business Rules Engine provides robust capabilities for watching spend policy compliance and delivering the most sophisticated accounts payable workflow routing. That's invoice processing on steroids.

Wait! Bob has gotta see this one

While your process needs structure, invoice and check request handling must be collaborative to achieve effectiveness. Ad hoc notes and additional routings to support real-time organizational communication are built into Chrome River’s core framework for every unique business requirement. This is invoice management software that thinks like you do.

We are the world, we are the people

Do you receive invoices in multiple currencies?  Do your users speak multiple languages, view data in different date and currency formats? Do you deal with international taxes (VAT, GST, PST, HST, FBT, etc.)? Chrome River's invoice automation software meets the needs of users worldwide and provides financial control and compliance for your organization from a single console. You've never seen invoice processing software that's so easy and fun to use.

I can see clearly now

Approvers want and need visibility into the expenses being charged to the cost centers that they control.  With Chrome River INVOICE, they are able to become a proactive part of the automated invoice processing and provide invoice approval with a simple browser or even directly from email.  Further, with Chrome River’s configurable dynamic fields, both approvers and finance personnel can be assured of receiving all of the required data needed for improved management.

It's all that and a bag of chips

Driving cost out of this critical business process is Chrome River INVOICE’s laser-like focus.  It will ease or eliminate data entry; it will control expense spend; it will conform to your business process for your users; it will improve spend visibility – what else could you want?  Oh, and you want it to be affordable – we’ve got that too in the form of a simple monthly subscription service.


  • Easy, browser-based entry
  • Automated routing
  • Configurable screens, policies and routing
  • New vendor requests
  • Duplicate invoice checking
  • Check request handling
  • Split allocation coding
  • Hold Payment and Parked Invoice capabilities
  • Integration with leading financial systems
  • Shared platform with Chrome River EXPENSE
By the way, I am a big bill payer for the IT Department and I just want you to know that I *love* Chrome River for bill paying. Administrative Assistant Law Firm, 530 Lawyers

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