Chrome River provides an integrated platform for managing all of an organization’s invoice purchasing, check request and expense reimbursement needs. A common set of dashboards, entry screens, account selections, compliance policies, routing rules and approvals provide seamless efficiencies for your operations. With no up-front hardware or software costs and a global solution that is quickly deliverable, Chrome River immediately improves your operations and provides an instant return on investment. With our MERCURY web interface, Chrome River scales to the size and shape of the device you’re on - from mobile devices to large TV monitors.

Streamline Operations

Manual processes for expense reporting and invoice handling are expensive, error-prone and highly inefficient. Chrome River provides a single common platform for the entire accounts payable business process workflow including entry, imaging, compliance, routing, approval, archival and direct integration with leading financial systems.

Control Expense Spend

Control costs with automated, real-time spend policy compliance monitoring and approval routing. Meet your organization’s requirements, and even any billable client policy requirements, by using our flexible compliance and routing rules engine.

Increase Accuracy

Intuitive simplicity and ease-of-use features specifically designed for end users drives errors out of the process and eliminates the inefficiencies and burdens associated with corrections.

Speed up Recovery

Automated and easy processing enables your organization to recover client billable expenses more quickly. Email approvals and notifications save executive, partner, and manager time.

Improve Visibility

Easy access to real-time spend information, analytics and electronic image viewing provide for better cost management and improved negotiations on vendor spend.

Fast, Fluid Mobility

Introducing Chrome River MERCURY, a fast, fluid, mobile web solution that is built on HTML 5 and Responsive Design Technology (RWD) that offers global organizations with the latest in travel and expense management. MERCURY provides the same user experience across all devices regardless of size or shape. There is nothing to download or install, which ensures the highest level of security - an ever-present concern for all organizations.

Isn’t it time to streamline your manual processes?

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