RIA technology enables delivery of remarkable features, beautiful user interfaces and lightning fast performance that equals or exceeds local PC or server-based applications, all delivered through the internet.

Web solutions delivered beautifully

With RIA technologies, Chrome River delivers web applications that behave more like desktop applications: powerful graphics, interactive experiences, and most importantly, fast response times. RIA technology moves key portions of the business logic and interface so that they execute inside the browser. The result is a fluid experience that is sure to delight your users.

Browser and operating system agnostic

Chrome River runs on any browser and any operating system. No need to worry about whether your users are on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. No need to worry whether they're using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Since Chrome River is browser-based, there is no client-side application to update or manage. Just point your browser to the Chrome River web solution and we take care of the rest.

Elegant user interface and lightning fast performance

The Chrome River architecture is fast. Whether you’re on the corporate network or on a low-bandwidth 3G mobile network, or are just concerned about network performance, the Chrome River architecture provides real benefits. Chrome River delivers an elegant user interface and lightning-fast performance.


  • Great user experience
  • Fast performance
  • Users love it!
This [expense reporting] is so much easier. This is great! Secretarial Assistant 1000 Employees

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