Complex Problems Require Simple Solutions

Simplicity is the key to user adoption and data accuracy. Chrome River EXPENSE uses an ingenious and intuitive combination of a configurable Expense Bar for visual expense-type selections with a Google™-style Allocation Code Selector for quick and easy input. No longer do users need to know, understand or be responsible for proper general ledger account coding—it is handled for them. With direct integration to an organization’s financial system, accounting users are only reviewing and no longer rekeying data. Speed, simplicity, efficiency and accuracy all delivered by Chrome River’s expense reporting software.

What's good for the goose...

Controlling compliance to expense policies is a major cost reduction benefit of expense management software. The policies for one group of individuals or one department may be very different than for another. Or, certain expense categories require unique thresholds, routing or other precise controls. The entire expense automation platform of the Chrome River EXPENSE service is based on a powerful, flexible and configurable Business Rules Engine. This unique approach allows Chrome River customers to easily address far more complex and distinctive policies than other systems allow.

Delivers world peace? Maybe not, but it does understand the world

Are you looking for a global expense reporting solution? Do your users spend in multiple currencies? Speak multiple languages? View data in different date and currency formats? Deal with international taxes (VAT, GST, PST, HST, FBT, etc.)? Chrome River meets the needs of users worldwide and provides financial control and compliance for your organization from a single console.

Why users love Chrome River EXPENSE

Let’s face it, handling wads of paper receipts and expense reporting is not fun for users or their assistants. Chrome River, however, provides streamlined functions that take the labor out of the process. Filing expense report claims becomes a quick and painless process – so much so that many users that had previously delayed their submissions are now submitting expenses on a weekly and even daily basis with Chrome River expense report software. With automated credit card downloads (personal or corporate cards), simple receipt attachment processes, browser and email access from anywhere in the world, and the world’s easiest to use and configurable screens, users immediately adopt and become addicted to the use of Chrome River.

Why approvers love Chrome River EXPENSE

Approvers want and need visibility into the expenses being charged to the cost centers that they control. Yet they only want to see what’s relevant to them.  Chrome River EXPENSE can intelligently separate expense reports and send only the relevant transactions to the approvers who need to see them. With simple controls to accept and return expenses and the only Image Receipt Viewer of its kind, approvers are able to process expenses very efficiently. Combine this with the ability to perform these functions online with a simple browser, or even directly from email, and approvers immediately find their jobs easier.

Why finance loves Chrome River EXPENSE

Finance departments need tools that allow them to never say “no” – let the system be the policy enforcer. With Chrome River, customers can configure flexible policy compliance and expense routing. Compliance is based on having the right information: Chrome River also allows screens to be configured so that the right balance of simplicity and required data can be obtained. Chrome River’s dynamic fields can be configured to display based on the expense type, the charge code or even billable client requirements. It’s comforting to know that all day, every day, and everywhere, your expenses are being watched and appropriately managed.


  • Automated spend control
  • Automated approval routing
  • Credit card integration
  • Configurable screens, policies and routing
  • Split allocation coding
  • Integration with leading financial systems
  • Mobile access and approvals
  • Cash advance and personal expense handling
  • Google™-style allocation selectors
  • Online dashboards and self-service inquiries
  • Enforced client billable expense policies
The most impressive thing about Chrome River is that it’s highly configurable. We give you the requirements and you design the system vs. changing our business practices to fit into your software design.” CFO, Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesaler 250 Employees

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