Make Smarter T&E Spend Decisions

Have you ever felt like you have endless amounts of T&E spend data with no easy way to analyze or present it in a meaningful fashion? Chrome River DATA EXPLORER, powered by a world-class business intelligence reporting engine, uses compelling data visualizations that enable you to uncover critical insights about your T&E spend. Make data-driven decisions with DATA EXPLORER.

Speedy Query Response Times

Why wait for 10 minutes to pull a report when it can be done in seconds? We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why we offer DATA EXPLORER – a tool that leverages powerful columnar database technology to ensure you get the data you need to make better business decisions. The columnar database stores information at a granular level, so when the data is pulled, Chrome River only reads that which is needed, instead of accessing all of the data – saving you valuable time.

Uncover Opportunities and Trends in Your Data

Trying to uncover insights from endless rows of data can be a daunting task. We can help. With our powerful DATA EXPLORER visualizations, you can easily identify critical spend patterns that may have been overlooked in text form. Our powerful visualization tool provides actionable insights to help your organization make smarter T&E spend decisions.

Data Explorer screenshot

Tell a Compelling Story

Nobody enjoys sitting in dull meetings reviewing plain charts. With DATA EXPLORER, turn boring meetings into engaging interactive sessions with visualizations that tell a story. Understand trends will help you provide a narrative about your organization’s T&E spend and drive powerful change. Stakeholders will appreciate seeing data in a consumable way rather than reading boring charts. It’s a win-win.

Data Explorer screenshot

Simple to Use

Many data analysis tools require someone with specific skills to administer the reports. With DATA EXPLORER you don’t need to be a data analysis genius. We have designed our solution to be simple enough that any user can easily build visualizations and explore the data with little training. 


  • Quickly uncover critical patterns in your T&E spend with trend analysis
  • Powerful columnar database accesses only relevant data needed, producing rapid results
  • Easily design dashboards with the ability to drag and drop visualizations
  • Interactive visualizations allow you to include/exclude data with clickable legends
  • Enables even the least technical users to swiftly build visualizations
  • Speedy query response times enable you to provide rapid results
Chrome River DATA EXPLORER makes managing expenses easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the expenses become easier to understand. You don't have to be a data expert to navigate between different views, make your own comparisons, and share your findings. AP Manager 1,800 employees

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