Welcome to Training!

Start here if you are new to the system, or perhaps just need a refresher.
Find a training time that works for you, below. Live Q&A is held at the end of each session, and come as often as you need! All sessions are live and facilitated by a Trainer.
To reference a training attendance list for your company, please contact your Customer Success Manager, and/or Project Manager.

Platinum to Mercury

Converting from our Platinum platform to Mercury? Use this Transition Guide, and sign up for training sessions (all done on the Mercury platform) using the schedule above!

Never underestimate the power of change management - review our recommendations if the conversion will be a big change for your users. The more they're included, the more successful the change. 

Rulebuilder On Demand

Learn about our brand new Rulebuilder tool for Administrators. Now, you have the tools to set several rules and update policy as your company grows! Below, find pre-recorded tutorials to walk you through each step, anytime. 

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf unserer englischen Homepage

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