Superior implementation design and delivery

  • Consistent, proven and repeatable implementation approach
  • Partnership with customer stakeholders to properly capture requirements
  • Full transparency between systems and requirements for a seamless solution adoption

Change management tools

  • In-application self-guided training shows employees what to do step-by-step
  • Online training for new features so customer staff can start using new capabilities quickly
  • Educational videos provided in-application of common tasks enable immediate usage with easy-to-follow tutorials

Responsive ongoing support

  • Ongoing Configuration Changes
  • Dedicated Global Support and Help Desk
  • Chrome River University online training
Transitioning to a new expense management or invoice automation solution need not be burdensome. By partnering with our customers and using best-in-class implementation methodology, we enable our customers to successfully adopt our industry-leading expense management and invoice automation solutions.

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Future proofing your business requires stepping up from your current expense system, moving away from an inadequate add-on for an ERP system, and putting an end to manually routing expense reports and processing invoices. But to make the change easily with as little impact on business operations as possible requires an expert partner.

Chrome River can be your change agent, providing the necessary guidance and tools so you can adopt our industry-leading offerings -- and keep realizing value from them going forward.  We can enable your organization to make the switch to our products frictionless so you can let business flow.

Three key factors inform how we help our customers successfully make the move to our industry-leading expense management and AP automation solutions:

Superior Implementation Design and Delivery

Our implementation process forms the foundation of your success with our expense management and invoice automation solutions. Every new customer benefits from the domain knowledge and expertise our team has gained from years of managing, configuring, and implementing SaaS-based enterprise solutions.

Chrome River knows that each customer’s requirements are different -- and our unique delivery approach reflects this:

  • Our process ensures we capture your business’s unique requirements.
  • We dedicate a team that partners with your internal stakeholders.
  • Our project managers function as consultants who apply industry best practices to ensure an overall smooth implementation for your organization.

Effective Change Management Tools

Change for any organization requires proper planning and preparation. We get your employees up and running quickly with Chrome River’s solutions after implementation by facilitating change management with tools like:

  • In-application Self-guided Training: With in-application tools that show employees what to do step-by-step, your staff can complete common tasks like adding expenses and creating reports.
  • Online Training for New Features:  As key features are added, we provide online training sessions so your team members can start using new capabilities quickly
  • In-application Help Videos:  common tasks are explained quickly with easy-to-follow tutorials that show users how to complete tasks such as navigating the application, uploading receipts, and creating a new report or invoice.

Responsive Ongoing Support and Training

The journey is not over once you become a Chrome River customer: we empower your organization to derive value from our solutions both immediately after implementation and on an ongoing basis. As your trusted advisor, we provide a myriad of ways for your organization to utilize our solutions to their fullest extent.

When you become a Chrome River customer, you’ll be supported by a world-class team of experts dedicated to your success. And once you’re up and running, we work tirelessly to provide the support necessary to leverage your investment in Chrome River’s offerings well after the initial implementation.

The journey to success is never just about the destination. Our mission includes a long-term commitment to innovation and support so our customers can let business flow.

It’s the attention to detail in the implementation process which we anticipated would be the case, and it is the reason we chose Chrome River over competitors. I felt we could count on you guys to deliver in the implementation process. And you did. Oelrich Construction

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