AP Automation to Drive Agility

Having problems managing ever-growing transaction volumes, or difficulty locating your paper-based invoices? Now there is a better way to manage your invoice processing. With Chrome River INVOICE, you can quickly capture, store and approve invoices in a sleek interface. Say goodbye to paper and hello to maximum efficiency.

Achieve Crystal Clear Visibility

Get visibility into everything from spend patterns to the status of an invoice with Chrome River INVOICE. With a centralized database for all your invoices, there is no more wondering about what happened to that invoice from a month ago, as you will have real-time access to the status of all your invoices. Obtain a clear, accurate picture of your organization’s spend with our robust ANALYTICS tool, enabling your AP team to negotiate with suppliers and make data-driven decisions.

Chrome River INVOICE screenshot

Make Things Simple

AP teams already have a lot on their plate, even before the lengthy AP invoice management processes that can result in delayed payments, upset suppliers and lower data accuracy. Chrome River’s automated invoice management software can simplify processes and increase efficiency especially when combined with Chrome River CAPTURE. With CAPTURE, we handle all the manual scanning and processing of invoices, so your team can focus on strategic projects. 

Increase Compliance, Minimize Risk and Gain Control

Managing large volumes of transactions can make it difficult to ensure compliance and control risk. With that in mind, we designed our workflows to be highly configurable so they can be tailored to help you maintain compliance and even reduce fraud. Add an additional layer of control with PURCHASE ORDER that does everything from generate to approve purchase orders.

Keep Everyone Happy

Speedy, efficient processes not only allow your organization to be more agile but also frees up time for the AP team to work on high level initiatives. With Chrome River INVOICE, your AP team will benefit from an intuitive solution that can transform them into strategic advisors. Keep your suppliers happy as well, with our PAYMENTS tool that enables you to eliminate checks in favor of card or ACH payments.

Chrome River INVOICE screenshot


  • Easily locate and share invoices across multiple office locations with a centralized invoice database
  • Keep business moving while on the go with an elegant, mobile-enabled interface
  • Stay abreast of the status of invoices and minimize fraud with systematic alerts and notifications of changes to an invoice
  • Improve compliance with configurable business rules for routing and compliance checks
  • Optimize approval turnaround times with configurable approval workflows
  • Enable seamless integration with any ERP thanks to a flexible, reliable infrastructure
  • Increase adoption with intuitive, streamlined interface
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers with invoice status notifications that provide transparency and faster reimbursements due to automation
  • Simplify approvals with the ability to approve invoices directly from email
I started using the new Chrome River INVOICE system the same day I took the training. I "love it"! It makes life so much simpler and the processing time is amazing! I am very happy with the system. Resource Team Lead 1,000 Employees

Isn't it time to make the switch?

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