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Chrome River provides fast, fluid, mobile web solutions that offer global organisations the latest in expense reporting and invoice management. Chrome River provides the same intuitive and powerful user experience across all devices regardless of size or shape. There is nothing to download or install, which ensures the highest level of security – an ever-present concern for all organisations. CFOs, controllers and finance managers are happy to let the software enforce compliance to their company business rules through our powerful business rules engine.


Single-page application (SPA) technology design delivers the requested data to the user lightning fast, allowing employees to enter expenses quicker and get back to their real jobs faster.

In the background of any application, data is being loaded depending on what you request of the application. With SPA, the requested data is retrieved with one single page load, and this page is never reloaded or transferred to another page. Instead, as you request additional data, that data is appended to the single page that is already loaded. SPA is what allows Chrome River to provide a lightning fast user experience.

Chrome River has a modern user interface that employees are accustomed to using on consumer apps. It uses tiles and flat-style buttons that are more sleek and modern looking as well as easier to touch with fingertips.


Chrome River is built on HTML5 and responsive web design (RWD), which makes a web solution incredibly fluid. It scales the size of the application layout to the resolution and shape of the device it is displayed on - from smartphones to tablets to laptops to large TV monitors. Users benefit from a consistent experience with full application functionality, across all devices.


Today, many users start a task on a smartphone or tablet and end up completing the task on a laptop or desktop. As you move from device to device, you don’t expect to re-learn the application just because you’re running it on a different device. With Chrome River, you don’t have to, because regardless of whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop, the user interface dynamically responds by scaling to display appropriately on the device you’re using.

One-time training

Because Chrome River provides a common user interface, training and support become much simpler. With the same interface across all devices, users only need to be trained on the application once and IT doesn’t need to provide device-specific support. That’s a big benefit for training departments, IT departments and users in all organisations worldwide.

Happy CFO

Chrome River’s leading business rules engine provides highly configurable and built-in compliance checking and approval routing rules. CFOs, controllers and finance managers are happy that employees are in compliance – and that the software is the enforcer.

To learn more about our mobile web solution and how it will benefit your organisation, schedule a demonstration.

Capabilities overview

Mobility Attributes Chrome River Web App Other Vendors’ Mobile Apps
Accessible directly via home screen icon on mobile device Yes Yes
Accept receipts by email or within the expense solution Yes Yes
Capture and extract receipt data via OCR Yes Varies
Use of rules to interpret and improve OCR data accuracy Yes Varies
Same functionality on mobile as full desktop version Yes Varies
Complete customer / user configurations on mobile app Yes Varies
Approve / reject individual line items on expense reports Yes Varies
Always on the latest version Yes No
Single version of app for all users (train users once Yes No
Same user interface across every device / operating system Yes No
Seamlessly move between any device for task completion Yes No
No mobile device app updates needed by users Yes No


  • Same user experience across all devices
  • Lightning fast user interface
  • Nothing to download or install, ensuring security
  • No management or IT support for different devices
  • No device-specific training
I spend a lot of my time traveling, and I always try to avoid bringing my laptop with me. This means that I need an expense management solution that allows me to both submit my own expenses, as well as approve others, from my iPad or iPhone. With Chrome River EXPENSE, I can do both of those with ease. With many business tools, I feel that I miss a lot of the functionality using the mobile app, but EXPENSE gives me the same experience regardless of what device I use to access it. Chris Poole, President and CEO JAMS
Many of Huron’s Consultants spend much of their time on the road with clients, so it’s critical that their expenses can be submitted and approved in a timely manner. With Chrome River EXPENSE, the entire expense process, from taking photos of receipts and submitting expenses through to expense approval, can be done just as easily, whether the user is on a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. With such a mobile workforce, we really need a solution that requires limited training or IT support, so our team can hit the ground running and submit their expense reports with a minimum amount of fuss. Susan Sallas, Finance Operations Director Huron Consulting Group

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