Our Logo

We provide two versions of our logo, with and without a tagline. The version with the tagline should be used wherever possible, but should not be used where it would be less than 150 pixels or 1.5 inches wide. The version without the tagline should not be used where it would be less than 100 pixels or 1 inch wide.

These can used on light and dark backgrounds. Click on each version to download for print (EPS) and screen (PNG). Our brand and logo are important to us and should not be used incorrectly. Please refer to our brand guidelines for details of correct and incorrect usage of our logo and other brand assets.

Chrome River logo Chrome River logo - reversed

Chrome River logo Chrome River logo - reversed

In applications that allow it, our logo should always link to our home page: www.chromeriver.com

Our Icon

Our icon represents our brand too. It is a compact version of our logo for applications that promote brevity. The icon and the logo should never be used side-by-side. You can download it in full size below (on the left), for screen and print. You can also download zip files (on the right) of our web and mobile favicons, available in a variety of sizes for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile formats.

Chrome River iconChrome River mobile icons

Our Colors

Blue and dark gray are our main colors. They should always be used with generous white space.

Pantone 639 C
CMYK: 100-10-0-10
Pantone 426 C
CMYK: 79-64-60-63


We are Chrome River - not Chrome, ChromeRiver, Chromeriver or any other variant. If you're curious, here's the backstory on our name.

Chrome River spelling


For complete guidelines on how to use our logo and supporting graphic assets, please download our latest brand manual:

Chrome River brand manual

Chrome River Technologies

5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 270
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Media Contact:


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