Leading organisations around the globe select Chrome River thanks to our innovative expense claim and invoice automation software, built on the latest technologies. Our sleek interface works on any device, anytime, anywhere, and is endlessly configurable to fit the way any organisation works. Chrome River is built to last and our solutions make employees happy and let business flow - which makes CFOs, travel managers, and AP departments even happier.

Chrome River is built to last


Global track record: Chrome River has over 1,000 customers worldwide, many which use the solution across multiple markets. Our customers have users filing expense claims and being reimbursed in more than 115 countries worldwide, and Chrome River successfully processes more than 10 million expense reports and invoices per year.

Chrome River has multiple secure data centres, using some of the most respected names in cloud computing. This means that your users can enjoy lightning-fast solutions with the highest availability rates in the industry.

Multi-currency and multi-language support: Chrome River currently is available in many languages and provides expense reimbursements for travelers in over 90 “home currencies." Our solution enables transactions from multiple currencies to be submitted on a single report, and allows reimbursements to be made in several currencies. We currently support 183 global currencies and handle more than 45 different international tax jurisdiction requirements. Daily exchange rate values for all currencies are imported from xe.com and stored in the system so that the correct exchange rate applicable to the date of the expense will be available to be applied to each line item.

International taxation and compliance: The Chrome River business rules engine ensures that our solution addresses all tax requirements in any global jurisdiction, and we have full sales tax configuration for more than 45 counties. A typical global customer of Chrome River will have operations in at least 20 countries, multiple general ledgers to allocate expense items to, multiple languages, and will require strict compliance to their own unique interpretation of local regulations.

Executive team: Chrome River has bolstered its commitment to client services, customer success and growth acceleration with four new executive appointments in the last year. Chrome River’s executive team includes experienced, highly qualified individuals who have a deep understanding of an organisation’s financial operations, processes and goals. Our aim is to deliver innovative and highly configurable expense reporting and invoice processing solutions to offer the flexibility to meet any organization’s needs – from mid-size to large, global enterprise organisations. And, to offer ongoing world class support and service to its customers.

Award-winning: Chrome River has been recognised as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. 500|5000 the past eight years. The company has also been named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 four times.

Solid company with strong investment: Chrome River raised $100 million from Great Hill Partners in 2015 and a further $35 million from existing investors in 2017. The company is using the funds to accelerate global growth, support continued product innovation and add to its already strong team of employees. Chrome River is built to last.

We future proof your business


Commitment to customer success: Since Chrome River is uniquely configured to each organisation’s requirements, our team of experts provides the right level of guidance to assist organisations in configuring the system, down to the smallest detail. Once you’re a Chrome River customer, we provide customer success services to ensure you’re always receiving the most out of your investment.

Endless configurability to fit your business requirements as they change: Expense compliance policies and routing rules for review and approval are the heart of accounts payable workflow automation. Chrome River delivers an integrated and highly flexible business rules engine that meets the needs of every organisation - from simple to the most complex global organisations. Chrome River works closely with its customers to configure the solution to meet an organisation’s exact business requirements. This ensures the workflow and business rules work to meet the needs of the organisation and can easily be modified as your business evolves. Chrome River offers the most highly configurable system in the market.

Continuous innovation delivered through SaaS: Through Chrome River’s SaaS platform and agile development methodologies, customers can always access the latest version of the software with innovative new features delivered every two weeks, and roll them out when they are ready to do so. There is nothing to download, install or maintain, which ensures the highest level of security - an ever-present concern for all organisations.

Value-driven approach and lower total cost of ownership: Chrome River offers the best price to value in the industry, with a straightforward, transparent pricing structure. This transparency ensures that you receive excellent value, and we guarantee not to nickel-and-dime you with follow-on services. Many of the items that other vendors charge extra for are included within your implementation fee and monthly Chrome River subscription. This means no unexpected surprises, and you can enjoy the full benefits of the system without having to worry about the company pocketbook. With Chrome River, there are no long-term contracts, which means we are always accountable for our customers’ success.

Integrations to bring value-add to your investment: Chrome River has an integrations team that works to make sure you have what you need to run your travel and expense process. We offer data integrations with ERP and financial systems, travel booking tools, credit cards, banks, and other travel, expense and invoice related technologies.

Users love us


Modern, fast and easy-to-use software: The modern workforce expects their organisations to provide the most modern, fast and easy-to-use software to get their jobs done. In addition, more and more users rely on mobile solutions because they are on the go and alternate between several devices―smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. If the software doesn’t work where they are, on the device they’re on - it simply doesn’t work for them. Chrome River meets the challenge of today’s modern workforce with the newest version of its mobile web solution built in HTML5 and using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology. Our software delivers the same user experience across all devices regardless of size or shape. Your employees will love the elegant and easy-to-use software.

Rich internet application technology: Chrome River uses the latest RIA technologies to deliver web applications that are delivered like native applications with powerful graphics, interactive experiences, and lightning fast response times. The result is a fluid web experience that will delight users, minimize training and speed user adoption.

Visibility and control: The Chrome River solution provides visibility at every level – users, approvers and finance. It’s simple to see where an expense report or an invoice is in the workflow process. There is further visibility provided to management through our ANALYTICS that converts expense spend data into actionable reports. Users can generate the most intricate reports and analyses on their own, enabling effective decision-making and smooth execution of day-to-day operations, while managing expense fraud for better control. Chrome River also delivers expense fraud management for better control around expense reporting.

Easy to use so employees can focus on the business: Chrome River solutions are easy to use and lightning fast so that your employees can spend their time focusing on the business instead of wasting time doing manual processes like data entry and routing paper. End-user training is minimal because the software is so intuitive.

Reduce risk, save costs: Chrome River delivers reduced risk to an organization through automation of an organization’s business rules and expense policies. This prevents fraud, reinforces the good in employees through built-in compliance enforcement, stops inadvertent duplicate expense submission and accelerates the approval and employee reimbursement cycle. ROI recognition is instant, so finance is happy and employees are thrilled.

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