• Improved visibility over spend
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved ability to detect and prevent fraud
  • Quicker reimbursement of expenses
  • Increased corporate card usage
  • Increased employee satisfaction
Due to ongoing financial challenges, regulatory and reporting requirements, such as section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, expense management has become a critical priority for finance executives in order to remain industry-compliant and profitable. With Chrome River, banks and financial institutions can better manage their spend and enforce stringent policies.

Welcome to The River.

Chrome River is the choice of hundreds of organizations worldwide for streamlining their travel expense and invoice management processes. The cloud-based Chrome River Suite automates accounts payable operations from invoice processing to check request and payment to expense reports and expense reimbursement to uncover pockets of non-compliance and even fraud. Using Chrome River and its advanced reporting capabilities, institutions have greater visibility into key data by branch. 

Automate your expense policies to ensure compliance

With new employees around the world, it can be difficult to communicate and monitor your unique expense policy rules. By automating policies inside Chrome River’s business rules engine, employees are alerted to preferred vendors, per diem rate caps, and even hotel limits.

Support global operations

Chrome River offers all the global functionality needed to support even the most complex organization. This ranges from the broad range of available languages in the app, to languages spoken by our customer support team, to currencies supported around the globe. This enables our global customers to submit multi-lingual expense reports and invoices, easily allocate to various cost centers, and ensure global compliance.

Mitigate prudential and systemic risk

Mismanaged travel and entertainment expenditures can impact reputation, operations and compliance. Chrome River has built-in safeguards such as credit card matching, inline audits, and duplicate line item checking to detect and prevent expense fraud.

Seamless integration

Data integrations are key for both business travelers and finance teams. Chrome River syncs with Lyft, Uber, supports hotel folio parsing, Snap & Send receipt capture, and integrates with all leading online booking tools, travel management companies, corporate cards, and financial software and ERPs, such as FISERV.

Intuitive, truly mobile capabilities

Chrome River delivers an elegant and intuitive fully mobile solution which makes it easy to upload receipts, automatically separate charges, and submit and approve expenses and invoices while on the go. The responsive web app always provides business travelers and expense owners with the latest version of the software that can be used right away with little to no training.

Innovative solutions for corporate reconciliation

Chrome River integrates with leading card programs. The charges on your corporate cards can automatically populate a new expense report. Monthly corporate card statements can be reconciled by simply dragging and dropping.

During the due diligence process, we looked at Chrome River and Concur. Concur didn’t meet our scope of requirements and was too expensive. Concur also didn’t have an invoice module at the time. Shawn Enz Janney

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