Sports teams spend so many days on the road that expense policy compliance and per diems take center stage, but back office integrations with finance software makes life easier for their accounting team. And, of course, facilities maintenance and capital improvements require a modern expense and invoice management platform. Chrome River is a slam dunk.

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Easy expense claim software and invoice management can make any organisation more efficient and productive. This is especially true when high-value employees are constantly on the road… and expenses and invoices still need proper scrutiny and approvals. 

Built in Referee to Enforce Expense Policy 

Sports teams have strict expense and invoice policies in order to run a profitable franchise. An organisation’s policies are built into Chrome River’s business rules engine, so all invoices and expense claims are scrutinised and routed according pre-defined rules. This endless configurability means that finance and travel managers can call an audible and change plans to take advantage of changing market conditions. And Chrome River doesn’t nickel and dime teams for these changes – it’s our goal to be as agile and flexible as our customers.

Mobile Solutions for Home and Away Games

While certain stadiums and fields have different attributes, so too do different mobile devices. That doesn’t mean Chrome River’s performance changes or is compromised by different screen sizes or operating platform. Chrome River is a web application that looks and functions the same on every device – every time. 

Chrome River’s one-tap mobile receipt handling features speed expense claim creation, submission and approval so travelers are never bogged down with paperwork. In fact, we make paperwork, such as receipts, a thing of the past: receipts can be snapped with a phone camera and added to expense reports; Uber rides can be sent directly to Chrome River; hotel folios are automatically itemised into meals, Wi-Fi, parking, and room charges. No more photocopying receipts and manual entry – Chrome River is a modern expense management platform made for rookies and veterans alike. Our easy-to-use interface requires almost no training and is actually quite fun.

International Features Make Global Travel a Cinch

Team travel and logistics is filled with enough stress already, we don’t want to make expense claims an extra burden. Chrome River runs all currency conversion in the background, and seamlessly incorporates the per diem rules for close to 50 countries. The traveller uses an easy per diem wizard, that tracks the location, dates and time of the trip to ensure the correct rates and tax amounts are applied. The country and jurisdiction baselines include specific expense types for fringe benefit tax, per diems, even personal vehicle reimbursement to make expense tracking easier. These global features help everybody stay in compliance while travelling around the world for exhibitions, scouting trips, and international competitions.

Integrations for the Entire Team 

Finance teams love that Chrome River integrates with their key providers like corporate card programmes and financial software. Travel managers and event planners appreciate the integrations with CVent for budget management, with travel management companies and online booking tools. These data integrations mean that Chrome River’s reporting and analytics is more robust to drive key insights.

Sports Teams Love Chrome River

Sports teams love Chrome River's expense claim software and invoice management software because it’s one less thing to worry about – just a few taps and complex accounting functions are taken care of. After all, whether you wear a uniform or a suit, Chrome River lets business flow. And be sure to read through our Customer Testimonials page to learn why over two million users love Chrome River.

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