Manual workflows result in a lack of visibility. A streamlined and intuitive integration between Chrome River and SAP provides you with automation and complete visibility into your spend with minimal effort from your IT team.

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Chrome River now offers a fully automated and certified integration with SAP financial solutions that empowers you to control your financial data, gain visibility and automate financial data synchronization. This industry-leading integration will also provide you with enhanced visibility into spend and payments while improving your ability to monitor the flow of information between systems. Built upon REST APIs, this powerful integration enables automatic updates based on your teams preferred schedule. This integration also scales so that all of your global SAP systems benefit, including SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA® (on premise and cloud). This certified SAP integration is just one of many data integrations Chrome River delivers to let business flow. More information on this integration is also available within the SAP-Certified Solutions Directory.

Minimize Resource Utilization

Minimize effort from your IT teams to have a fully automated integration implemented.

Automate your workflow

Eliminate the manual, time-consuming process of exporting and importing flat files to update your ERP, saving time and minimizing effort from your IT team.

Gain insights through enhanced visibility

Visibility into key financial data such as employees, entities, allocations, expense reports and customer payments to monitor the information flow between systems.

Support global teams

The Chrome River ERP Connector offers a scalable integration so that your expense management works seamlessly with your global SAP systems, providing you with peace of mind.

Accurate financial postings

Ensure consistency between data in SAP and Chrome River with enhanced synchronization and without delays.

Image Archive

With the Image Archive interface, you can easily transfer images and expense statements as PDFs for internal SAP archiving using Archive Link.


  • Enhanced visibility into financial data
  • Simplified automated process
  • Improved consistency with synchronized data
  • Minimize IT effort
  • Enhanced flexibility with a variety of interfaces such as Posting, Payment and Image Archive
  • Scalability across multiple SAP instances with global operations
  • Intuitive configuration and implementation
  • Increased IT administrator satisfaction

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