Chrome River's Affiliate Program is our way of thanking you for connecting us with organisations that may benefit from the use of Chrome River's products. Organisations worldwide are finding that they can improve business processes that are long overdue for automation and begin not only controlling costs, but also saving money almost immediately. If you are able to put us in touch with these businesses, you may be eligible to receive referral fee rewards for minimal effort on your part.

Referral Fee Rewards

Chrome River offers two tiers of referral fee reward opportunities for you:

  • a Lead/Demo Referral Fee for providing us with a pre-qualified business referral where you have made contact with the potential customer, they have a potential need for the Chrome River products, the referral contact is expecting to hear from us and will accept a demo meeting for their organisation to review the Chrome River offerings, and
  • an additional Signed Customer Referral Fee should the referred business become a subscribing customer to the Chrome River software.
Subscribing Organisation Size (Employees) 1-199 200-999 1000+ Fortune 500
Lead/Demo Fee $100.00 $250.00 $500.00 $1,000.00
Signed Customer Fee $500.00 $1,000.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00

Who can register a referral lead

Members of the Chrome River Affiliate Referral programme are eligible to register leads. If you haven’t already joined, simply submit your contact information using the link below. This will enable us to register you in our system for payments and keep you updated on useful Chrome River information.

Sign Up

Identifying Opportunities

Any time a Chrome River Referral programme member is in contact with an organisation, there may be an opportunity to refer this firm to Chrome River. Potential opportunities could include organisations that:

  • Handle and process expense claims and invoices essentially manually
  • Have a solution that is not tailored specifically for their business’ requirements
  • Are experiencing cost control issues due to a lack of consistent policy enforcement
  • Are incurring client write-offs due to delayed billing of expenses or client policy exceptions
  • Are interested in improving their business operational efficiency in areas surrounding accounts payable and expense management

Register a referral lead

To register a referral, members simply need to submit the organisation's information using the link below.

Register Lead

Once received, Chrome River will review the referred lead and may contact the member for any additional details. Chrome River will then communicate back to the member with a status of accepted or possibly rejected should the organisation already be a subscribing customer of Chrome River’s services, a currently active prospect, or a referred organisation already submitted by another member.

Learn more

To learn more about Chrome River’s products, please review the additional information on our website at and feel free to email us with questions at any time at or call 1.888.781.0088.


  1. All referral reward fees listed are in U.S. Dollars.
  2. For a referred organisation to be eligible for a Lead/Demo Referral reward, the demo meeting must include an organisation’s financial executive, decision maker or key person of influence within the organisation.
  3. Lead/Demo Referral fees are paid within 30 days of Chrome River completing the initial lead/demo meeting with the referred organisation's qualified contact(s).
  4. For a referred organisation to be eligible for a Signed Customer Referral reward, the referred organisation must sign a Chrome River Subscription Agreement within one year of the initial referral date.
  5. Signed Customer Referral fees are paid within 30 days of the referred organisation's signing of the Chrome River Subscription Agreement.
  6. Terms subject to change.

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