Drive Revenue with Expense Insights

Have you ever felt like you have endless amounts of T&E spend data with no easy way to analyze or present it in a meaningful way? Introducing Chrome River PROSPER, the first solution that integrates with your existing CRM system to help you link your T&E spend with sales results. Let expense help you drive revenue.

Look at T&E spend in a new light

Traditionally, organizations allocate to an expense type which limits the insight to how much was spent on a specific account. With Chrome River PROSPER, organizations can allocate to an account or sales opportunity and view spend in an entirely different way. Organizations can gain clarity into how much is being spent to acquire and maintain customers and visibility into the right types of spend.

Boost Business Performance 

In a fiercely competitive market with intense pressure to perform, traditional tactical methods of unilaterally cutting costs won’t do the trick. How do you strategically increase revenue?  Chrome River PROSPER  gives you an understanding of what T&E expenses are driving revenue and which ones are not, so you can increase investment in the right types of T&E spend. 

Cut Unnecessary T&E Expenses

T&E spend is an organization’s second largest expense after salaries. Does your organization have the right insights to ensure these dollars are being put to good use? We give you the tools to eliminate wasteful spend with rich insights into the types of T&E expenses that are not positively contributing to top line revenue. By integrating Chrome River’s expense management software to your own CRM data, the solution helps finance and sales operations teams increase the ROI of their T&E spend.


  • Quickly analyze spend-to-sales performance with an innovative interface
  • Visualize breadth of accounts with map-based view
  • Get a quick snapshot of accounts with top spend
  • Drill deeper into account details and see top spenders, opportunities, and spend by expense type
  • Understand account spend within a specific time period with interactive dashboard
  • Enable travelers to strategically allocate spend to an account or sales opportunity
  • Identify opportunities to maximize the value of business trips with map-based views
  • Track past and future travel of teams or individuals

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