Create optimized payment workflows, reduce cost, increase control and mitigate risk with electronic payments

Chrome River PAYMENTS, provides significant cost reductions related to the elimination of B2B checks in favor of electronic payment alternatives like virtual Mastercard accounts, ACH+ network discounts and ACH. PAYMENTS works seamlessly with your existing ERP systems for payment and reconciliation.

Today’s payment landscape

The following statistics are reasons that 80% of companies are converting from paper check payments to card-based and ACH-based electronic payments.

  • 63% of organizations make over half of their payments by check
  • 62% of organizations have been the target of payment fraud; three-quarters of that fraud is from checks
  • The cost to process one check can be as high as $5
  • The cost to process a check costs 10 times more than a card-based or ACH-based electronic payment

PAYMENTS platform and network

Chrome River PAYMENTS provides an online platform to review, approve and administer all vendor payments regardless of payment type or financial institution. These electronic payments are safely and securely managed as follows.

  • Card only – to maximize revenue share on spend that is converted to card
  • Card first – to balance revenue share on spend that is converted to card and maximize conversion to electronic payments through ACH
  • ACH only – to maximize conversion to electronic payments

All you need to do is enable your vendors through vendor engagement to receive these card or ACH payments from your organization. For vendors that don’t accept card or ACH payments, Chrome River can process the check for you.

Vendor engagement to reduce check payments

Chrome River has created a proven, technology-driven best-practice vendor enablement process. This ensures that most card first electronic payment enablement programs we undertake eliminate 75% of your targeted check payments within 90 days of contract execution.

PAYMENTS completes the PURCHASE ORDER to CAPTURE to INVOICE automated invoice management workflow. This paperless solution streamlines your Accounts Payable department, strips out manual processes, and ensures that your company receives all the benefits and discounts from on-time payments. And the bonus is that the paperless process almost pays for itself.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to start enjoying cost savings on your vendor payments and whole invoice processing workflow.

This project wouldn’t have happened without their technology, vendor outreach, and market expertise. Treasury Analyst 11,000 Employees
We had concerns about whether they could really interact with such a large number of vendors during such a short period of time and get enough vendors enabled to eliminate 75% of our checks. We’re big believers now. Assistant Treasurer 16,000 Employees

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