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Meridian Global Services

At Meridian, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a quality of service consistent with our Mission of Achieving Client Excellence. We strive to help our clients through the complexity of a global indirect tax compliance environment. We help our clients overcome indirect tax complexity at both the organisational and transactional level. It's been an exciting twenty five years. Recognised market leaders. An expanding global presence with over 22 offices worldwide. A renowned reputation for delivering a quality of service consistent with our mission of achieving client excellence. Over the years we have enjoyed growing with our clients, listening and responding to their needs, developing and tailoring ground-breaking services in response to a constantly changing economic environment. It is this experience and expertise that is valued by our 15,000 clients worldwide, who repeatedly turn to their local point of contact at Meridian for direction while navigating the often complex world of regulatory compliance. Meridian are members of and are affiliated with many leading VAT related Forums and Associations.


Oversight is an Atlanta based software company founded in 2003. We provide solutions that automate compliance for disbursement related business processes such as Accounts Payable, Travel and Expense and Purchase Card programs. Our solutions are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service model where we host, support, and manage the application on your behalf. Our solutions leverage pre-built analytics that take into account over 13 years of best practices experience we have developed working with global commercial organizations and government agencies.


For over three decades Quipsound has operated from the largest global VAT recovery centre in the UK, and has built a team of highly qualified VAT recovery specialists. Quipsound is able to offer its clients the most comprehensive and highest quality global VAT recovery service. Quipsound’s VAT recovery services are provided to companies throughout the world as diverse as pharmaceuticals, information technology, retail chains, telecommunications, insurance and banking, and manufacturers and service providers in every conceivable industry. More than 5000 clients, including many of the world's largest companies, rely on the world's leading VAT recovery company to retrieve their refunds worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Taxback International

The complexity of VAT reclaim can be a daunting task for companies to tackle, so Chrome River has partnered with Taxback International to help simplify the process. Taxback International is a multi-award-winning, global leader in VAT reclaim, specialising in automating VAT recovery while still retaining manual compliance auditing checks, so that its clients can be truly confident in the results. In business for over 20 years, Taxback International is dedicated to constantly improving its business for the good of the client, and recently become ISO 27001 accredited.


Following legal, accounting and fiscal validation with Deloitte, a network of experienced executives and entrepreneurs has created Taxeo to solve the problem of recovering international VAT on T&E. The Taxeo platform offers a one-stop-shop solution to manage legal and accounting rules and integrate with business travel service providers, in order to provide clients with an automated alternative to an expensive manual process. After extensive pilots and operational reviews, the platform is now fully operational, with end-to-end refund claims already received from European tax authorities.


VAT IT is a global leader in cross-border VAT and tax recovery. We maximise your tax recovery end to end through our industry-leading technology, ensuring full compliance. Our global operational resources enable us to serve over 8,000 clients in 100 countries worldwide. These range from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations, across a wide range of sectors. By letting us do what we do best – tracking down and recovering the VAT you are owed – you can devote your time and resources to running and growing your business.

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