When retailers look to automate their AP processes and workflows they are trying to solve one major problem: how do we accurately allocate these charges to the correct store property? That’s precisely what Chrome River’s business rules engine solves.

Welcome to The River.

Chrome River’s intelligent AP automation looks across your global business to match purchase orders to invoices, looks across your departments and business units for approval workflow rules, and look across your store properties and capital projects for accurate allocations. By putting your SOPs into our business rules engine, you free up your AP department to focus on much more strategic initiatives than hide-and-go-seek with the invoice approvals.

As your business grows, Chrome River remains agile so that you’re always able to choose best of breed solutions like finance and ERP systems, corporate card programs, online booking tools, and travel management companies. We make it easy to pick the solution that’s best for you because our data integrations are so flexible. We work with all your current systems and whatever systems you’ll choose in the future. We never lock you down to a fixed list of approved vendors, and we never limit your growth or processes by forcing you to adapt to our system. Our system instead adapts to you and your needs.

Global Features to Fit Your World

Whether your organization is growing organically or through M&A, you never have to worry about global capabilities when you choose Chrome River. In fact, we strive to make it easy for you to cross borders, work within multiple tax jurisdictions, and help with VAT reclamation. Our expense management solutions are available in 25 languages and supports over 90 currencies while understanding 40 local tax jurisdictions. We also give you full per diem functionality including access to both statutory rates in specific regions, plus the ability to select other 3rd party rates such as the Mercer values.

Our typical customer will have operations in 20 countries and submit an average of 10,000 expense reports every month. In fact, last year our users submitted expenses in 169 currencies, and were reimbursed in 71 currencies. We never want your colleagues to worry about exchange rates or VAT - we love the challenge and making it look absolutely effortless to your business travelers.

Mobile Features You Want

Your team is constantly on the move to visit store properties or check in on capital projects. And you appreciate that your expense and invoice approval duties can follow you on email. You don’t need to be at your desk to review expense receipts or invoices and purchase orders. It’s just as easy to approve these items from your phone or tablet when you’re on the road. And Chrome River makes that possible. It all goes back to our business rules engine and routing approval workflows according to your standard operating procedures and industry best practices. This means no one ever has to wait while you travel – nothing is delayed or postponed because Chrome River lets business flow.

The same is true for your business travelers. They no longer have to wait until they’re back in the office to organize their expense report. In fact, we bet they can hit the submit button before their plane back home lands on the runway. That’s because our unique web app allows you to work to work anywhere and everywhere on the device of your choosing with the same functionality and easy-to-use interface on every device.

With unique features such as a Snap & Send, Forward & Forget, plus integrations with Uber, hotel folio parsing, and a host of other conveniences, we make mobile receipt handling a breeze. Our smart OCR understands your receipt by the time of day, vendor, and line items so that it can organize the charges by day, even by meal or travel mode. This means you never have to worry about losing a receipt again – just take a picture of it at the point of sale (the back of a taxi, at the dinner table, in line at a Starbucks) and add it to your expense report with a tap of the screen. This is smart expense management.

A User Interface So Easy that There’s Virtually No Training

As you're ramping up new locations and hiring to support operations, you don’t have the time to train new hires on software. That’s why we’re made our interface so easy-to-use. Just tap the picture of the airplane to record a flight; tap the taxi icon and add your taxi receipt. It really is that easy.

Your colleagues in HR and finance both love that expense policy rules are prompted each time the user starts a new purchase order or new trip pre-approval. They’ll know the preferred vendors for the purchase order, the hotel rate limits for the city they’re traveling to, the preferred rental car provider – all without getting lost in the company intranet.

Retailers Deserve a True Partner

We understand that your margins are tight and new systems like expense report software can’t come with massive IT requirements. That’s why we developed Chrome River as a best of breed expense and invoice solution. It allows you to grow quickly and change your system configurations as often as you like, without getting nickel-and-dimed for every change. We help teach your expense policy to your users every time they open the software. And we provide the same functionality and interface on every device – so no matter where they are in the world – it’s still a breeze to submit or approve expenses and invoices.

But don’t take our word for it. See why over one million users around the world love using Chrome River. Read through our testimonials and case studies and learn why retailers select Chrome River. We would welcome the chance to earn your business – so let’s start with a demonstration for your team.

The implementation was critical and the Chrome River team helped us get this process up and going before our old system was decommissioned. We had a dedicated assigned Chrome River implementation team that helped us set by set and the reception from the company was awesome. It was a new and better system. Easy to use and more bells and whistles than the old systems. We finally moved up with the best of technology. Connie Bateh Veritiv Corporation

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