Chrome River’s expense and invoice automation solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into whatever existing ERP, financial, HR or travel software solutions an organization currently uses – and will use in the future. 

A software solution can only deliver its full benefits when it can be implemented and managed with little internal IT resource, and can communicate effortlessly with other enterprise applications. Chrome River’s investment in the most robust architecture, availability and data security solutions means that expense management solutions is one less thing for you and your team to worry about.

Seamless integration

Chrome River’s architecture and large API library ensure that our solution effortlessly integrates into all major ERP, HR and travel technology solutions with no need for complex re-engineering.

No need for internal IT, training or support resources

Chrome River requires minimal input from your IT team to implement. We have one of the finest and most experienced teams of implementation professionals in the industry, which combined with our consultative approach and proven methodology deliver rapid and stress-free implementations.

Whether you provide phones to your users or have a BYOD policy, Chrome River is a breeze to deploy. Our expense solution is available in 30 languages – and counting. In addition, by focusing on a mobile web app approach instead of native apps (which often have a different experience depending on the device or operating system being used), it offers the same experience regardless of which device is used.

Chrome River was designed with a highly intuitive user interface, so that minimal training is required for end-users to successfully use the system, no matter where they are or what device they use to access it. Should any technical issues arise for your organization’s administrators, our in-house support team has 24/5 availability across multiple languages.

Highly secure

As an enterprise-wide financial solution, data and application security are paramount. Chrome River leverages multi-layered security processes to ensure data integrity from an end-user’s smartphone through to the ERP system. We employ industry standard security processes, such as state-of-the-art encryption in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, and IP restrictions to ensure that your organization’s sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Chrome River holds SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliance. More details on Chrome River’s processes and certifications can be found on our security overview.

Chrome River’s responsive web design-based approach means that no apps need to be downloaded to use the solution on a mobile device. In turn, this means that sensitive data, such as corporate details, is never stored on your travelers’ smartphones. Should their phones be lost or stolen, your data is safely held on our secure servers.

Unrivaled reliability

Regardless of what solution you use, if you can’t access it, it’s not helping you. We’re proud to offer some of the best uptime figures around, and we broadcast this data for our customers to see. Chrome River uses multiple redundant data centers across North America and Europe to ensure our customer can access Chrome River whenever they require, and data is replicated to multiple data centers to assure its recoverability in the event that an outage. We fully test our backup systems on a systematic basis to assure that the they are functional.

The most impressive thing about Chrome River is that it’s highly configurable. We give you the requirements and you design the system vs. changing our business practices to fit into your software design. CFO, Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesaler 250 Employees

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