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La Prairie needed a mobile solution for its road warriors – one that was easy to use and accessible on any device. La Prairie contacted Chrome River to check out EXPENSE, Chrome River’s responsive design web application for expense management."
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The due diligence process

La Prairie’s vice president mentioned that a colleague from another company had talked about Chrome River EXPENSE for expense management. With that information in hand, La Prairie contacted Chrome River.

The organization’s goal was to find an easy-to-use solution that included global and mobile capabilities for users to enter expenses and capture receipts while on the road.


Our users love the intuitive and simple EXPENSE mobile interface!” -Sunila Jayawardena, Regional IT Manager


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What issues needed to be resolved?

La Prairie wanted a global, mobile expense reporting system that would address the following issues:

Since La Prairie’s internal expense reporting system was housed behind its VPN, traveling employees couldn’t easily access the system and had to wait until they returned from their trip to enter expenses. Employees were frustrated, unhappy and constantly complaining.

This meant employees had to save all of their receipts in their wallets or purses and note on each receipt what is was for so they wouldn’t forget. When they returned from a trip, they dug out all of their receipts, logged them into the internal expense reporting system, and taped the receipts to a piece of paper to be submitted along with their expense report for approval. 

Also, the internal expense reporting system was not easy to use. 


Find an expense reporting solution which provided mobile functionality that was easy to use for its traveling employees.

The benefits of Chrome River

Along with meeting its goals of finding a mobile expense solution that was accessible, easy to use and allowed pictures of receipts to be submitted while traveling, La Prairie was looking for a solution that would easily integrate with it’s SAP financial system, which was effortlessly fulfilled by Chrome River.

Other benefits that La Prairie enjoys are the visibility and control over expense spend, enforcement of compliance to company business rules, easy approval routing, and the ability to create a draft expense report and go back at a later date to submit.

The look and feel of the user interface is easy to follow, and it’s quick and simple to take a picture of a receipt and submit it while traveling.

Split allocations is another feature that La Prairie finds is a real benefit. For example, meals can be split and allocated to different employees.

Another benefit is that approvers can assign delegates to cover for them while they are on vacation. This means that expense reports keep flowing through the approval process so the employee’s reimbursement won’t get held up when their manager is on vacation.

Sunila Jayawardena, Regional IT Manager: As an Administrative role, I love that I have visibility and control to trouble shoot issues and non-compliant items and to look at anyone’s expense report for further clarification.

Sixteen weeks from start to ‘go live’

The implementation and rollout of Chrome River EXPENSE was quick. The Chrome River project manager trained the trainers, who developed a training program for the employees.

The trainers conducted the rollout through Business Skype. They trained in groups of 20, and each training session was one and a half hours in length.

Trainers also created a ‘cheat sheet’ that was distributed as part of the training. Employees could use this document as a refresher to the training course, if needed. Most didn’t need it.

The users adapted to Chrome River EXPENSE very quickly, found it simple to use, and loved that they now had the ability to enter expense reports and submit pictures of receipts while on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere while traveling.

In sixteen weeks, La Prairie went from due diligence to decision-making to ‘go live.’ The Chrome River implementation project management team gives credit to ‘Team La Prairie’ for its dedication and focus to champion the successful and timely implementation. 

Why Chrome River

La Prairie felt that Chrome River was the best solution to accommodate the expense reporting requirements of its traveling employees. The EXPENSE mobile interface provided the mobile features and functionality they required.

  • Visibility and control on expense spend
  • Enforcement of compliance to company policy
  • Easy approval routing
  • Ease of use
  • Mobile receipt management
  • Split allocations
  • Delegate management

Life after implementation

La Prairie’s decision to select Chrome River EXPENSE has made users happy by providing a mobile solution that can be used anytime, anywhere on any device and by giving them the ‘snap & send’ feature to allow submission of receipts while on the road.

IT and Finance love the fact that they have global expense management solutions that provide control and visibility into employees’ expenses, compliance to company business rules, flow of expense report information into SAP, and the overall simplicity of the solution.

Sunila Jayawardena, Regional IT Manager: I’m thrilled. Now instead of getting negative feedback from the employees that they can’t access the expense reporting system while traveling, I hear positive comments about how easy Chrome River is to use.

Met Goals

La Prairie met its goal of finding a global, mobile expense reporting solution that made its users happy and delighted the IT and Finance departments by providing visibility into expenses and compliance to business rules.

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