Global Manufacturing Company
This leader in agricultural manufacturing selected Emburse Chrome River to help standardize policies and manage 30K expense reports annually, while providing powerful analytics to inform global initiatives across the enterprise.
Emburse Chrome River

The Challenge

This global enterprise is focused on helping agricultural leaders sustainably increase food production. But with 30,000 expense reports submitted annually, and operations around the world, the manufacturing giant struggled to keep pace with outdated and disconnected financial systems.

Their AP Supervisor recalls some of the challenges: “We had several legacy systems in place, and expense policies varied by region. This made reporting nearly impossible and required time-consuming manual workarounds. We needed to standardize our policies and processes across the organization, with one central system where we could easily manage and report on all expenses.”

Emburse Chrome River stood out as the most innovative and flexible solution to meet our complex global requirements.

The Emburse Chrome River Solution

Chrome River met their expense management requirements by providing the following benefits:

  • Automationbuilt-in workflows, compliance rules and warnings streamline the expense management experience from submission through reimbursement.
  • Reportingrobust reporting features enable powerful, data-driven insights to help inform forecasting and uncover savings.
  • Usability – intuitive navigation and mobile capabilities ensure a user-friendly experience.
  • Support – best-in-class support, including a dedicated customer success manager, live and on-demand training resources, and an online customer community.
  • Flexibility – solutions can be easily adapted to support evolving needs and global initiatives.
  • Integrationsintegrated card programs simplify corporate card payments and streamline the purchase process.

Emburse Chrome River’s customer-first approach, coupled with its continuous product innovation, has been central to our success.


As one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies in the agricultural space, this organization struggled with disconnected, inflexible systems and insufficient reporting. Seeking to centralize expense management and gain more control and insight into spend, they implemented Chrome River.

The Results

Data from Chrome River has been invaluable in driving the organization’s success. With their previous system, it was difficult to extract data in a meaningful and succinct way; but with Chrome River, finance can create custom reports for a variety of use cases, easily share reports with key stakeholders across the enterprise, and use data to help inform global forecasting. “Emburse Chrome River’s reporting and analytics tools exceeded my expectations of what would be built into a solution like this. Reporting is robust, yet flexible to our needs, and allows us to access data in new and powerful ways,” says their AP Supervisor.

When it comes to working with Emburse, this customer says it feels more like a family. “The Emburse team takes the time to get to know customers on a human level, so you feel like a valued partner instead of just another number.”

Why Emburse Chrome River

Finance leaders at this global manufacturing company were impressed with Chrome River’s approach to product innovation, data analytics, and customer care.

  • Centralized global processes to more efficiently manage 30K expense reports annually.
  • Built automated workflows and custom rules to optimize expense management.
  • Increased visibility across the organization with powerful analytics and reporting.
  • Integrated a corporate card program to streamline purchases.

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