To deliver on this vision, the Chrome River team has brought together an ideal combination of experienceinnovation and customer care which enables us to design, build, implement and support highly effective solutions for financial workflow automation processes.

About Us

Chrome River was formed with the simple but powerful idea that a new approach could be taken for expense and invoice process automation.  Using new technologies, we decided that the user’s view should drive the design and then simply allow the power of the platform to automate and control the process for the business.  Wide adoption with limited training was becoming the new mantra of the internet and there was no reason that this should not apply to business applications as well.

Our Experience

Collectively, Chrome River has over 100 years of experience serving the financial and practice management needs of organizations worldwide.  With respect to expense control and efficient processing, we have a deep understanding of an organization’s financial operations, processes and goals.  Our solutions and services are designed from the ground up to uniquely offer the flexibility to fit our customers’ requirements.

Alan Rich

Alan Rich
Co-founder and CEO

guides software design with an acute focus on business function.  He has worked with numerous organizations to implement innovative technology and provide expertise in financial management systems.  Previously he co-founded Elite Information Group which provided several financial and practice management applications for the professional services markets including the worldwide market leading Elite Enterprise.

Dave Terry

Dave Terry
Co-founder and COO

has a passion for user experience and clean, simple design.  His firsthand experience comes from over 20 years in the financial and practice management software field.  This includes growth of the Elite Information Group business for over a decade and leading the company's sales into a position of worldwide market dominance as Vice President of Global Sales for Thomson Elite.

Our Innovation

With technology evolving at astonishing speed, we strongly believe that the only way to build solutions is to take full advantage of the newest and best ideas available.  Chrome River approaches this goal with expertise in designing state of the art systems and a dedication to fresh approaches, unencumbered by prior commitments to legacy technology.

Mike Vargo

Mike Vargo

heads the engineering team overseeing application design and infrastructure. Mike brings extensive experience as a principal architect at several technology and internet companies, including large, highly visited sites such as,, and  He and his team are highly skilled in the latest technology and tools for Web 2.0 / RIA apps. 

Our Customer Care

Delivering the highest standard of customer care is a key component of our business at Chrome River, after all, we do provide software as a service.  Beginning with our consultative, best practices guidance, then delivering a full-featured turn-key solution, and ultimately supporting your company’s team with quality care, Chrome River’s experienced staff is there to guide and assist you every step of the way. 

Anne Backnell

Anne Becknell
SVP Client Services

brings a wealth of experience implementing small to global-scale financial software projects.  She has more than 30 years covering a full spectrum of financial and practice management consulting services, including SVP Client Services for Thomson Elite.  Her service industry leadership delivers expertise in project management/monitoring, requirements analysis, business workflow/process analysis, and application delivery.

Aviva Kram

Aviva Kram
Vice President, QA and Support Operations

has an extensive background in software testing and product management.  Along with her experience, she brings a passion for customer advocacy and a unique perspective and care for helping our customers every day.  In addition, Aviva has creative talents where she had previously co-founded and managed a graphics design company.

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