Streamlined and Seamless Credit Card Reconciliation

Chrome River’s card integration capabilities empower your organisation to be future-ready with enhanced best practices for integrated corporate card management, so that you can truly control spend. Say goodbye to frustrations over where expenses are coming from, late payment fees and lack of visibility. Say hello to maximum efficiency, insight and agility with streamlined credit card reconciliation and integration.

Enhanced Credit Card Integrations

Chrome River securely receives detailed transaction data from your corporate and personal credit cards, so that your expenses are seamlessly created within your Chrome River wallet. With real-time alerts, statement reconciliation and more, managing your expenses has never been easier with Chrome River. Our data integrations support feeds for all card types including Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express, whether transactions occur on a corporate card, ghost card or a personal card. We work with a wide range of financial institutions, including U.S. Bank, Citi and Barclays, to integrate credit card statement data with real-time alerts and more

Card Issuing

Chrome River gives administrators the ability to issue plastic and virtual credit cards with granular spending rules giving employees the ability to purchase and admins full control over spending. With the ability to set hard limits on budget, merchants, and dates, our credit cards can be issued for a variety of use cases from general travel to a lunch programme. Set a 30$ hard limit for ride sharing expenses from Monday to Friday, or a 15$ lunch benefit for each employee from 11 AM to 2 PM. After a card is swiped, Chrome River receives the transaction details even if the order status is pending and we simplify the reconcilliation process by automatically associating each transaction to an employee.

Streamline Corporate Card Statement Reconciliation

Chrome River STATEMENTS is a solution jointly created by Chrome River and our banking partners, that provides your organisation with an integrated, accurate and automated statement reconciliation process. STATEMENTS addresses minimal visibility and manual processing challenges by delivering insights into both individual and cross-organisational card usage, allowing organisations to better manage spend and increase expense policy compliance. Chrome River STATEMENTS enables users to:

  • Gain visibility across all cardholders and status of transactions so that you can easily communicate with cardholders with un-expensed transactions to act on open items
  • Have one single system for expense management and statement reconciliation with an intuitive interface across all devices - mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Automatically match transactions with correct billing programmes
  • View, manage and action pending expenses for approval
  • Manage across multiple travel and expense and P-card programmes

Prevent Fraud with Real-Time Alerts

Corporate cardholders can receive real-time alerts when their card is swiped. This improves business traveller productivity and overall user experience by allowing them to submit expenses on-the-go, while ensuring adherence to your organisation’s T&E requirements. Alerts can be delivered by email or text message depending on your cardholder’s personal preference. When a transaction occurs, your cardholders will receive an alert which they can open and review, and then snap a picture of the receipt for immediate upload to the Chrome River EXPENSE system.

Leverage ANALYTICS to Gain Insight into Card Data

When leveraging Chrome River ANALYTICS, administrators will gain enhanced visibility into card reconciliation data with the ability to see receipts and interactive reports. Additional reports are easy to build and allow for limitless customisation with intuitive on-screen filters, groupings, column selections and more. Additionally, with ANALYTICS, administrators can spot groups that are at higher risk for policy violations and prevent fraud.

Efficient Purchasing Card Integration

P-Card integration is an important requirement for modern expense management systems. Chrome River EXPENSE provides industry-leading capabilities to efficiently reconcile P-Card and travel card programmes in one system. Robust integration capabilities conveniently load transactions and statement information directly from corporate card providers. The highly configurable export process also ensures that all accounting entries and payments are generated per each customer’s unique export requirements. P-Card reconciliation is easily supported within EXPENSE, which provides you with complete financial control.

Automated Corporate Card Payments and Employee Reimbursements with DIRECT PAY

As an additional service to Chrome River EXPENSE, our automatic and electronic payment capability efficiently handles the end-to-end expense payment process and provides quick funding directly into an employee’s bank account. By using the DIRECT PAY ACH processing service, you eliminate many of the back-end steps in the reimbursement process for the AP department, freeing them to focus on higher-level tasks. DIRECT PAY can also make automated payments to employees’ corporate cards. For approved expenses that were incurred on an employee’s corporate card, a separate payment file is created by DIRECT PAY that sends payments for these amounts directly to the corporate card provider. The DIRECT PAY service makes life easier for both your AP staff and your employees waiting for their expense reimbursement.


  • Optimised credit card reconciliation with expenses
  • Ability to issue both plastic and virtual credit cards
  • Enhanced administrator visibility into cardholders' expenses
  • DIRECT PAY streamlines end-to-end handling of reimbursement process
  • Reduced payment cycle time based on your approval of expenses
  • Improved compliance through automated policy controls and approval workflows 
  • Direct integrations with banks to manage statements and mitigate the risks of late fees
Right out the gate, our coolest configuration was the integration with our firm credit cards. Seeing them pop up in Chrome River without an action on our part is awesome. The benefits of not having to enter as much data for those transactions is great. Speeds up everyone's work involved. Gets the charges processed for client bills or internal budgets faster. Aaron Barbee Husch Blackwell

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