Last year, we issued a challenge: Take your Chrome River “Let Business Flow” t-shirt away with you on your travels and snap a picture of you in your shirt which best represents Take me to The River. As you will have seen if you follow our Facebook or Instagram pages, both our team of Chromies and our customers are a well-traveled lot.

Of course, every challenge is better with a small amount of friendly competition, so we decided to ask the internet (and our internal panel of, erm, “experts”) which they thought the best and most compelling photos were.

We had a great response, both from our customers as well as our employees around the world. Photos were submitted from countries including Singapore, Australia, Thailand, England, Switzerland and France, as well as from all across North America, so it was certainly a tough choice.

Here are the winners:

Among our customers, congratulations to Quentin Medeiros and Chelsea Shields. Quentin, who works for law firm Knobbe Martins, captured his sunset picture by the Pacific Ocean at Scripps Pier in beautiful La Jolla, California.

At the other end of the weather spectrum, Chelsea Shields of Papé Material Handling captured her picture at a very snowy Salt Creek Falls in Oregon. Chelsea and Quentin both win an all-expenses-paid trip to our next CASCADE customer conference.


For the Chrome River team, our two winners were project manager, Cori Duck, and customer success management director, Jeff Devier. Cori captured her great image of the sunrise over the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth, Virginia. Jeff’s concept of “flow” was maybe a little more… loose, as the only thing flowing here was the beer at Boston’s famed Cheers bar. Regardless, it was a popular choice. Again, congratulations to them both.


We’ve opened the contest up for another round, so if you are a Chrome River customer or partner and want to show how you Let Business Flow while you’re on your travels, we’d love to see your pictures! Just email to request your Chrome River t-shirt, remember to pack it in your suitcase, and send us your pictures for the chance to win cool prizes!

As many of you know, we also have a funny story behind the Chrome River name. And no one ever heard Al Green sing soulfully about a Green Walrus. You can read about where “Chrome River” came from here.


Marc Cicuto

7/3/2018, 10:45:22 am

Can’t wait to submit mine next year!

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