Sitting around waiting for your flight is no longer your only option as the fitness craze sweeps through American airports. While US airports are leading the pack when it comes to access to health clubs, spa services and yoga studios, European airports are swiftly catching up. 

Fitness and spa amenities have long been available to first-class travelers across the globe, but airports are noting customer demands and opening the options up to the economy passenger masses. Some options are free, others come with a cost, and still others involve a quick trek away from the airport and into an adjacent hotel. 

No matter how you pick them, however, wellness options can be a boon for travelers striving to decrease travel-related stress, especially those forced into extended layovers with not much else to do. 

Examples in Action 

Prime examples of wellness options across the nation include: 

Burlington International Airport: The local studio of Evolution Yoga sponsors a yoga and meditation space on the airport’s second floor. 

Chicago O’Hare Airport: Head through the connection at Terminal 2 to enjoy day use rooms and a fitness center at the Hilton O’Hare Hotel. Get full access to all for $79 on weekends and $99 on weekdays, or hit the fitness center only for $22.40. 

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport: The free LiveWell walking path lets you rack up about 1,200 steps, or a shade over one-half mile, just walking one way. Come back and you’ve added more than one mile of walking to your day’s fitness routine. 

Detroit Metropolitan Airport: Swing over to the nearby Westin Hotel and you can enjoy the heated pool, running tracks and other fitness amenities with a $15 day pass. Or just head to the Westin to take advantage of its mapped-out running routes throughout the hotel. 

Philadelphia International Airport: Free workouts are available on stationary bikes throughout the terminals, thanks to an airport partnership with a local gym. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: Enjoy park and mountain views along the airport’s two-mile walking loop. 

San Francisco International Airport: Free yoga mats and equipment are available for use in one of the airport’s several yoga rooms. 

The next time your flight involves a layover, you may want to keep airport fitness options in mind – and make sure your designated airport has them. 

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