For many business travelers, airline travel is the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B, unless a flight delay upsets a perfectly crafted schedule, leaving unplanned downtime in place of progress. Use the interruption to your itinerary to get a head start on pre- or post-travel agendas by putting these efficient business-travel tips into practice.

Make a To-Do List
Everyone makes a mental note of things that need to be worked into the daily schedule. It could be an appointment to be made, travel expense details that require logging, or maybe a new project that could use a brainstorming session. Flight delays provide ample time to tackle the to-do list. Jot down ideas before they’re lost in the abyss of the busy mind and schedule them into the routine. 

Connect with Your Networks
Unplanned waiting provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on phone calls, be they to a colleague, a friend or a family member. Flight delays are perfect for making the rounds and reconnecting with work or personal networks. Create a list of calls to make and start dialing.  Catching up now means more free time later.

Arrange or Review Trip Information
Whether you're inbound or outbound, extra time granted by travel delays affords an occasion to organize itineraries, review trip details, or begin travel expensetracking. Use this time to get all the facts in line for your travel expense reports. The result will be a well-planned, well-documented trip with less work to be done later.

Answer Emails
Nobody looks forward to coming home to a full inbox. Get a head start by jumping into unread mail while waiting. By reducing the volume of correspondence received while away, travelers will save time upon their return that can be better spent getting back to work. 

Catch Up on Reading
Stay up to date on current events, read company newsletters or industry-specific articles, or refresh your memory on the business travel expense protocol. This is the perfect time to catch up on what’s happening around the office and the world.

Spending spare time checking off tasks that build up on everyday agendas will leave travelers with a sense of accomplishment instead of waste. No one likes a flight delay, but with these tips, delays can be put to good use, eliminating extra work down the road.  


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