With many different conferences going on each year, we all have to be very selective in choosing the best ones to attend. Many bosses require justification for attendance and want you to provide reasons why they should approve the costs. And, they should. Be prepared before you ask your boss to approve your attendance. Here are the "Top 10 Reasons to Attend CASCADE 2015" at the Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA, October 27 and 28. 

  1. Hear an Engaging Keynote - Absorb a thought-provoking keynote from Alan Rich, a thought leader in the financial system automation industry.
  2. Learn Expense Management Best Practices - Listen to best practices forexpense reporting processes from the experts.
  3. Discover Invoice Automation Best Practices - Hear about best practices for invoice intake, routing, approvals and cost management.
  4. Gather our Favorite Features - Tips & Tricks - Discover our favorite features to maximize Chrome River.
  5. Uncover Hidden Value in Expense Data - Learn how to uncover the massive hidden value in your expense management data.
  6. Hear the Vision - Learn about our new Mercury mobile application interface, new features and our product roadmap.
  7. Take a Deeper Dive into our Products - Attend tutorials to take a deeper dive into functionality.
  8. Network with Customers - Network with other Chrome River customers to find out how they are using Chrome River to their advantage.
  9. Interact and Learn from Partners - Interact with partners to learn about their offerings that can complement the Chrome River cost control service.
  10. Enjoy California - Spend time networking at our receptions, dinner party & entertainment and kick back and have some fun as Alan presents the 2015 "Chromie" awards! And, last but not least, schedule some time to explore Downtown Disney, Disneyland and California Adventure.


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Cascade 2015 - Disney Parks - Join us October 27 and 28 for two days of learning.

Cascade 2015 - Disney Parks

Join us October 27 and 28 for two days of learning.

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