Recently, I was reading BTN Group's 29th annual roundup of "The 25 Most Influential Business Travel Executives of 2012", which recognizes the executives who are shaping the future of the business travel industry. Call them "movers and shakers" or "power players" or "dealmakers"—these are the folks who are driving change, and their list of accomplishments is impressive indeed. 

As I read though the biographies, I found a group of individuals that have dedicated themselves to

And then it occurred to me... 

These are the very same accomplishments that our customers are delivering to their businesses every day when they implement an automated expense management solution.  At some point, they broke the cycle of "business as usual" and took some risks. They investigated their options, they rallied the internal stakeholders, they made a decision, and they put their reputation behind it. They then put the thought and effort into implementing a solution that was configured to meet their business objectives.

Just like the individuals cited in the article, our customers are driving change in their businesses and are directly influencing many positive outcomes. They may be slightly lesser known than their colleagues heralded in the BTN Group's annual review, but their work is no less important.

If you are currently burdened by manual processes and have been considering an expense management change, this is your chance to become an Influential Business Travel Executive within your own business. Yes, there is work involved, but the rewards for your efforts will be tangible and lasting. Given the continued uncertainty in our economic climate, now is the time to create positive outcomes through process change. 

Now is the time to be influential!


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Selecting an Expense Management Vendor - Best of Breed or One Stop Shop

Selecting an Expense Management Vendor - Best of Breed or One Stop Shop

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