With the ubiquity of mobile devices, using an app tends to increase the attention given to a specific task, and many people appreciate the simplified, user-friendly experience that apps offer. According to a recent article from Fast Company, corporate travel managers should take advantage of employees’ growing preference for engaging with mobile web apps for expenses when it comes to travel.

Here are four ways that organizations can benefit from providing their frequent travelers with mobile expense management software.

  1. Convenience for business travelers. When navigating a busy airport or a new city, mobile tools give users a clear advantage. Instead of unpacking a laptop and finding a Wi-Fi signal every time they need to check flight details or reserve a rental car, travelers can use a smartphone or tablet with ease and efficiency. The same goes for mobile expense software: It’s far easier for an employee to log expenses as they are accrued by using a mobile device.
  2. Robust platforms provide enterprise-level integrations. Consumer apps may be fine for many personal activities, but organizations often require additional security measures and the ability to integrate with enterprise data. According toFast Company, mobile app developers have responded by balancing user-friendliness with the technical priorities of businesses and organizations.
  3. Improved compliance through automated travel policies. Instead of expecting employees to read and comply with an organization’s travel policy, providing mobile expense software integrates these policies into the reporting process. These apps can improve compliance while making the process simpler and less stressful for everyone.
  4. Better data to support decision-making. Automation can help organizations save significant amounts of money by improving employee compliance with travel policies. And, according to Fast Company, the data collected by mobileexpense software is even more valuable, helping managers identify improvements that offer savings and convenience.

Add a game to your smartphone, and you’ll almost certainly end up playing it much more regularly than if it was only installed on your home computer. The same holds true when it comes to business processes. Travel managers will enjoy several benefits by acknowledging this preference for mobile apps and providing business travelers with mobile expense report software.

Does your organization provide employees with mobile travel tools? If so, what benefits has that provided? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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