As you may have seen from today’s press release, we’ve just announced an exciting new relationship with Traxo for hotel receipt integration. This will give Chrome River EXPENSE users an even better (and easier) experience when preparing their expense reports, and we’re sure it will be very well received by anyone who’s ever had to manually import or allocate hotel receipt data into their expense report.

This integration means that Chrome River users simply need to send their hotel receipts to their Chrome River account. From there, we will analyze the receipt (from any hotel – global chains down to individual boutiques), and convert the data, line item by line item. These line items (such as room, meals, parking, taxes and so on) are then automatically available in Chrome River, where they are allocated to the correct category for you to simply drag onto your expense report.

Sound challenging? Well it is, but not for users, because Chrome River does all the hard work for you. Chrome River and Traxo’s solution automatically identifies hotel bills and extracts and processes the data. This all runs behind the scenes, so you just get the finished, error-free data on your expense report. This means that you can just sit back and get on with more important tasks. 

In a world where the most-used expense management solution has recently stopped accepting e-receipts from one of the biggest business hotel chains, we’re happy that Chrome River is making life easier, not more difficult, for business travelers.

You can see first-hand how Chrome River and Traxo work together on our booth – #2318 – at the Global Business Travel Association National Conference in Denver next week.


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