Welcome to the Chrome River Currents monthly digest! Each month we highlight the latest news and analysis on business travel, expense management and online expense reporting. This month, we’re focusing on helping organizations use cloud-based software in tracking business expenses. We offer tips on using analytics and mobile tools, and introduce our four-part series on reporting travel and entertainment expenses under an IRS accountable plan.


4 Keys to Reimbursing Employees Under an IRS Accountable Plan: Part 1

Editor’s Note: This article is part 1 of a 4-part series on reporting travel and entertainment expenses.

For many common expenses, employers have the option of providing tax-exempt reimbursement under an IRS accountable plan. While an accountable plan involves additional rules, companies can use four best practices and expense management software to streamline compliance, making the rules easier to follow for both employer and employee.


3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve your Expense Management Process

Mobile expense management tools available as apps offer secure access to the same expense management software you use on a computer, but through a tablet or a smartphone. These mobile apps can make tracking business expenses on the go easier, more efficient and more accurate than waiting until you get home from a business trip.


What Insights Can Expense Management Analytics Uncover For You

Whether in business, sports or warfare, we tend to admire leaders who make good decisions based on intuition and instincts. But today’s complex business world also requires calculated evaluation. Expense management analytics offer reporting tools that help leaders make better decisions — decisions that combine quantitative and intuitive insights.


5 Ways Automated Invoice Management Can Save You Money

Cloud-based invoice management services present many businesses and organizations with ways to cut costs through an affordable software subscription. These services can increase invoicing efficiency, accuracy and compliance, reduce manual processing of paper invoices, and help companies cut late payments and capture early payment discounts.


How to Take the Headache Out of Invoice Management

In an ideal world, your organization’s invoice management would be secure, transparent and electronic, but many vendors and suppliers still issue paper invoices. Automated routing can reduce invoice processing costs and increase efficiency through streamlined initial data capture, automatic approval routing and secure file cleanup.


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