Corporate meetings and networking breakfasts aren’t the only activities done on business trips, according to a SpringHill Suites by Marriott study. The millennial generation is using business trips as a way to let go, let loose and have tons of fun. Just how are they doing that? Why, by creating false identities, maximizing “me” time, escaping the mundane and indulging in a variety of activities. 

Creating False Identities 

A notable 60 percent of survey respondents said they actually create a brand new identity while traveling, with 14 percent going as far as to fake a foreign accent. That new identify involves a different name, profession and new life story. 

Maximizing ‘Me’ Time 

Self-pampering comes in various forms, with 42 percent taking “me” time to unwind by the pool. Twenty-seven percent indulge in long, luxurious showers while 19 percent eagerly reach for an extra glass of wine. Binge watching their favorite TV shows is also on the list, with 12 percent imbibing. Others let loose by going wild with karaoke, an urge that hits 25 percent of travelers surveyed. 

Escaping the Mundane 

Getting out of run-of-the-mill chores is another thrill for travelers. Thirty-six percent are gleeful about missing out on laundry duties, while 30 percent enjoy a break from the daily to-do lists. Freedom from cooking elates 25 percent of the travelers surveyed. 

Indulging Guilt-Free 

The majority of travelers have no qualms about treating themselves to a truly decadent meal, with 62 percent on board. A notable 30 percent say they add guilt-free wine and specialty cocktails to the mix. Midnight munchies are another indulgence, with 51 percent enjoying a sweet snack and 49 percent opting for something salty. 

Top Business Travel Companions 

With all those leisure activities and indulging going on, it may not be a surprise that business travelers picked “Mad Men’s” Don Draper and “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope as their dream travel companions. The two characters tied for the top pick, each with 32 percent of the vote. 

Even if button-down types may find all this fanfare and fun a bit shocking on a business trip, it appears to be doing much more good than harm. A total of 63 percent of those surveyed said they return to work feeling refreshed and productive. 

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