You’re in an airport waiting out a 3-hour layover, but despite all of your gadgets, you’re having difficulty staying in touch and getting meaningful work done. You need to charge your phone, but while looking for the adapter, you realize you left the last three days worth of receipts in your hotel room.

Even for experienced employees accustomed to working remotely, business travel can seem stressful and unproductive. To make business travel more efficient and enjoyable, an article on offers the following five tips.

  1. Embrace cloud computing: Storing your business tools and data in the cloud lets you run your business through web-based applications, working remotely from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.
  2. Take advantage of apps: Mobile apps can make it easier to run your business on the road. With the right mobile web apps for expenses, you can log travel expenses as you go, track business finances and administrative processes, and even use mobile Point-Of-Sale systems to process credit cards with your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Streamline your tools: Mobile devices and cloud computing means accessing your business doesn’t require lugging bulky equipment. A charging pad can reduce messy cords and adapters, and you can use a mobile device to snap photos of receipts instead of packing a portable scanner.
  4. Know what’s important: Before a trip, review what’s currently important to your business and what can wait. To help you stay focused on the road, delegate or automate your busy work and assign duties to other business partners.
  5. Allocate your time: Technology makes for seamless communication with business partners and clients while on the road — as long as you plan ahead. Make sure you’ll have a reliable internet connection and ample time and privacy for conference calls.

Business travel doesn’t need to be one big headache — for a more efficient and enjoyable experience, just keep these five tips in mind while on the road. And having the best expense report software doesn't hurt either.


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Mobility Essentials for Expense Management

Mobility Essentials for Expense Management