Whether you’re a CFO or CEO, IT is likely a foundation of your business. And whether it’s for order management or expense management infrastructure or software, you’ll need a continued focus on IT in 2015. Here are 3 certainties in the IT landscape that you will need to address with your IT department.


With almost weekly security breaches, you’ll need continuous improvement in your IT security, particularly for business travelers who regularly connect to unsecured networks. Hackers will be a never ending threat and will continue to increase their IT knowledge and penetrate unprotected networks.

User Authentication

Multiple (2-step) authentication will provide an initial defense against cybersecurity threats. Setting multiple, dependent steps for access to services and applications will be a requirement across your enterprise even if those service live in the cloud.

The Death of Plastic

With the inherent security risks of credit cards, solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet will become more common. In the corporate space, virtual card accounts will be used to help decrease the likelihood of fraud during business travel and streamline expense management.

CFOs should also remain cognizant of world events and markets. Much of security software development is outsourced. A sophisticated software engineer with a nefarious enough influence can assure backdoor access to any software shipped back to the United States.

In 2015, vigilance and proactivity should be daily mantras for CFOs. Good expense reporting software can help you do both.


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