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Because employees worldwide had a strong desire to be able to enter and submit expense claims while on the road, Huron leapt at the opportunity to be part of the MERCURY pilot group.
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Decision to Migrate to MERCURY

Huron Consulting Group became a Chrome River EXPENSE customer in 2009. Although the company was on an automated expense solution at the time, it was very old technology that didn’t include a business rules engine that handled the administration of business rules, routing rules and approval functionality.

Since 2009, Huron has grown accustomed to and expects leading-edge technology to attract and retain its employees worldwide. This is especially important for the majority of its employees who travel most of the time and regularly have lots of expenses to submit.

Huron’s decision to migrate to MERCURY, Chrome River’s EXPENSE mobile web application interface built on HTML5 and Responsive Web Design technologies, was based on the employees’ strong desire to be able to enter and submit their expenses from their mobile devices whilst on the road, while being able to have a consistent experience across devices.

Surrounding Technologies 

Most of Huron’s employees’ expenses come through their Corporate Amex cards, which allows them to take full advantage of the Chrome River / American Express Integration. The interface has saved employees significant amounts of time in expense entry, as well as speeding the audit, approval and employee reimbursement processes. The company also likes that MERCURY easily integrates with Huron’s Elite Financial Management System.

Since Huron has a BYOD policy for smartphones and tablets, the company was thrilled that MERCURY was device independent so it wouldn’t have to support multiple apps for different devices.


Huron is a global professional services firm focused on assisting clients with their most complex business issues by delivering high value, quality solutions to support their long-term strategic objectives. Huron specializes in serving clients in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and commercial sectors as these organisations face significant transformational change and regulatory or economic pressures in dynamic market environments. With its deep industry and technical expertise, Huron provides advisory, consulting, technology, and analytic solutions to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

Quick Implementation and Rollout

Huron’s employees were already using Chrome River EXPENSE, so to schedule the migration to MERCURY, the company simply needed to enter a ticket through the Help Desk. Since the MERCURY interface is intuitive, all that was required for employee training was a ‘Quick Tips’ guide. For new employees who are not familiar with Chrome River EXPENSE and for some other employees who need more hands-on assistance, there are future plans to have some live and recorded WebEx sessions on how to use MERCURY.


MERCURY’s biggest benefit has been the ability to have all the expense entry and submission capabilities ‘in the palm of your hand.’ 


Provide travelling employees with the ability to enter and submit expenses from any type of mobile device whilst on the road.

Partnering with Chrome River 

Huron feels that Chrome River has truly been a partner to its team throughout the years of working with them. The Chrome River team quickly understands requested enhancements.  

Many of Huron’s Consultants spend much of their time on the road with clients, so it’s critical that their expenses can be submitted and approved in a timely manner. With Chrome River MERCURY, the entire expense process, including taking photos of receipts, submitting expenses, and expense approval can be done just as easily, whether the user is on a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. With such a mobile workforce, we really need a solution that requires minimal training and support, so our team can hit the ground running and submit their expense reports with a minimum amount of fuss.”

Susan Sallas, Finance Operations Director

Why Chrome River

Huron was excited about Chrome River’s use of new technology, and its employees were eager to have full expense entry on their mobile devices.

Clear Benefits of MERCURY

With the MERCURY interface scaling to fit the size of any device, using a mobile device is less daunting for the employees, and support and troubleshooting is easier for the IT team.  

Employees enjoy the ability to move back and forth between devices while working on expense claims. Some employees do the bulk of expense reporting on a large monitor and then submit while they’re on the road. Others prefer entering expenses, receipts and submitting the expense claim all from their mobile device. The clear benefit is that they are free to do their expense reporting anywhere, anytime, on any device, all with the same great expense management solutions.

Huron is pleased to be on the newest technology and feels poised for the future. 

Goal Was Met

Huron was already using EXPENSE and felt it was a ‘great’ expense management solution. With MERCURY, they feel they went from ‘great to amazing’ by providing employees with technology to be able to do expense claims from mobile devices, as well as from their desks. 

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