Seeking a more flexible, cost-efficient, and user-friendly solution, BELFOR switched from Concur to Emburse Chrome River.
Emburse Chrome River

BELFOR upgrades from Concur to Emburse

Prior to upgrading to Emburse, BELFOR faced several challenges with their prior expense management solution, Concur. From a user perspective, employees felt Concur’s interface was difficult to navigate and lacked user-friendly mobile features. From an administrative perspective, Concur was unable to address BELFOR’s configuration requests; instead, finance had to adapt workarounds outside of the system. Despite having three dedicated accountants, expense reimbursement could take up to three weeks due to inefficient workflows.

Dawn Conway, Senior Business Analyst at BELFOR, recalled their struggles: “We have a lot of unique business requirements and Concur was not flexible or willing to customize the system the way we wanted. We felt like a small fish in a big pond and we were not receiving the type of support we needed.” Seeking a more customer-centric experience, BELFOR switched to Emburse Chrome River.

Emburse Chrome River is more customizable, more cost-effective, and easier to use than Concur, which is why we’re happy we switched.

Dawn Conway Senior Business Analyst


BELFOR USA Group, Inc. (BELFOR) is the worldwide leader in property restoration and disaster recovery for damages caused by fire, wind, water, or natural disaster. BELFOR has 4,500 employees in over 200 locations across North America. They provide various emergency services, customized to the needs of each individual customer and commercial property.

BELFOR saves time and money with Emburse

Emburse was eager to address BELFOR’s configuration requirements and customize the solution for their specific use cases. According to Conway, the implementation team helped BELFOR optimize their workflows, business rules, integrations and employee group settings to ensure a successful rollout. “Working with Emburse feels like a true partnership where they really listen to our needs and care about our success and happiness, which is something we didn’t have with Concur.”

Both users and finance responded positively to the new solution. “Coming from Concur, Emburse Chrome River is much more efficient and easier to use,” said Conway. Icons visually illustrate expense types, making navigation and expense allocation quick and easy for users. The experience is consistent across mobile and desktop applications, which has been hugely beneficial for the organization’s thousands of field employees.

Emburse helped BELFOR streamline approval workflows and optimize routing rules to expedite expense report processing—now employees can get reimbursed within one week, compared to up to three weeks with Concur. With efficiencies gained, BELFOR was able to re-assign two full-time employees, who were formerly dedicated to expense management, to other projects.

In addition to time savings, BELFOR realized significant cost savings. “Emburse Chrome River is three-times more cost-effective than Concur, and we’ve reduced monthly transactional spend by about 70% since switching,” said Conway.

We’ve gained significant efficiencies and cost savings since replacing Concur. I highly recommend switching to Emburse Chrome River!

Dawn Conway Senior Business Analyst

Challenges & Results

  • Inflexible system, unable to address custom configuration needs
  • Poor navigation contributed to a frustrating user experience
  • Lack of satisfactory customer support

  • 12,000+ expense reports processed annually
  • 3x more cost-efficient than Concur
  • 67% faster reimbursements
  • 67% reduction in dedicated expense management resources


  • Offers flexibility
    Highly customizable, the solution is equipped to address complex use-cases and evolving business requirements. 
  • Streamlines expense management
    Built-in rules automate and expedite the approval process for faster expense reimbursement.
  • Integrates across systems
    Automatic data feeds from corporate credit card, ERP and HR systems eliminate the need for manual input.
  • Improves user experience
    Visual mosaics make expense allocation quick and easy, while mobile capabilities enable users to submit expense reports from anywhere, anytime.
  • Provides best-in-class support
    Product experts guide customers through implementation, and dedicated relationship managers support long-term success.

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